How to Throw the Best Wine Night for Girl's Night In

Wine nights can come in handy on numerous occasions. Whether the weather permits you from adventuring in the great outdoors, or you're just not feeling the going-out scene, wine night is there for you. There are many variations one can choose to set up for wine night, and none of them are wrong. However, there are ways to ensure you have the ultimate wine night to top all wine nights to have ever been had.

What could one possibly need that they don't already possess for wine night? Well, it's not so much about what you possess as much as it's about how you're showcasing it. After all, part of wine night is appearance, and what's appearance without a little planning?

Whether you have five minutes or four days to plan is insignificant, because it only takes a few short moments of thought to organize a wine night for the ages.

Step 1: Get The Wine

Firstly, you'll need a variety of wine. Try and choose white or red, and stick with that as your guide. You can have a mix of whites such as chardonnay and pinot grigio, or a blend of reds like merlot and pinot noir.

By doing this, you also set yourself up for the continuation of successful wine nights in the future. Instead of having various wines for everyone, sticking to a few of the same color will allow you to revisit wine night in the future and explore which ever color you didn't choose last time.

This also lets you cater your foods to what wines you're going to serve.

Step 2: Grab Some Food

This should be strictly decided by the types of wine you're serving, and they're best served as samplings, rather than a full-blown meal.

Bite-sized foods work best for wine nights, and if you're having reds such as pinot noir, it's best to have foods that bring out its earthy tones and savory depth, such as this baked brie with figs and walnuts recipe.

Serve this with toasted bread or crackers with little to no salt for the full effect. Remember, we don't want to take away from what the wine brings to the table! As for whites like chardonnay, mild to sharp cheeses make a great pairing, as well as shellfish such as shrimp (shrimp cocktail, anyone?) as it helps bring out the oaky-ness behind the wine, rather than deterring from it.

Step 3: Invite Your Friends

What good is a wine night without the people to go with it!? Call your closest friends and extend the invite their way. Also, the more is the merrier here! Extend an invite out for plus ones (or threes, or fours...) to enjoy your night of good drinks, good food and good conversation.

With the success you're sure to have with your wine night done right, there's no denying others will want to take up a wine night of their own. And just like that, you've started the trend and set the stage for a tradition to last the ages: wine night.

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