How to Turn a Family Table into a Barbecue Pit

Have you ever been to a Korean barbecue restaurant and had the joy of getting to grill your own meat exactly the way you like it at their barbecue table? Remember how there were no compromises, and no reliance on the person doing the grilling? Wasn't it an experience like no other? Don't you wish you could recreate it in your own home?

You can. All you have to do is grab a few tools, get inventive, and in short order, you can have your very own barbecue table so you'll never have to get up to flip the next round of burgers ever again.

Designing the Table


A barbecue table is a place to seat a party. That means you will want to select a table that is about 8 feet by 4 feet, or 250cm x 120cm. A table of this size will ensure comfortable seating for a large party.

However, due to the table's length, you will need to maintain stability in the center where you will be placing the barbecue.

Therefore, once you've selected the table you are going to use and carved out the center to the size of your chosen grill, you will need to insert a metallic frame. This will help prevent warping and sagging due to the excessive weight of the full table when it includes the barbecue.

Making the Metallic Frame


To successfully create a metallic frame, you're going to need a bit of welding experience, know someone who does, or be brave enough to subject yourself to a trial by fire.  Either way, your task is to weld a metallic table frame together using hollow square tubes that are about 2 inches (60mm) thick, 7 feet (220 cm) long, and 3 feet (100 cm) wide to four separate legs that are each 2.5 feet (73 cm) tall.

Directly into the middle of the completed frame, you will need to bore a socket to insert the barbecue. Next, you'll need to line the entire top of the frame with cement board (fire safety, boys and girls).


After that, you will place marine plywood, which is water resistant, over the rest of the frame that is not intended for the placement of the barbecue.

Where the barbecue rests, you will need to build a wooden box to cover the barbecue entirely and protect those who sit at the table from the high grill temperatures.

Inside this box, you will need to line the sides with Rockwool and cement board, to insulate and protect your guests from potential fires.

Selecting the Barbecue


Pick a barbecue that you'll be able to lift in and out of the table with relative ease. When it's not in use, you will want to remove it from its central location to clean and store it.

For those times when you want to store your barbecue separately from the table, it is a good idea to craft a wooden cover to fill the hole where the grill will typically rest. That way, you can double the workload of this table by using it for both barbecues and formal outdoor dining parties.

Enjoy the Experience of a Barbecue Table

Once you've finished constructing your masterpiece, it's time to test it. When you fire up the grill for the first time, make sure there are no random increases in temperature in certain spots - this will indicate a lack of insulation.

If everything seems to be in proper, working order, then it's time to invite a few friends over and see how your new grill holds up to a dinner party. Throw on some steaks, or grill some vegetables. You can even do a little bit of everything and let your guests choose what they want on their plate.

After all, that is the beauty of having a communal grill for everyone to use simultaneously.

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