How to Throw a Soup Swap Party in 4 Easy Steps

If you've ever wanted to have multiple soups in one sitting, but felt wasteful and silly crafting up six separate soups, a soup swap may be for you. What is a soup swap? A soup swap is when you invite any number of people over to sample and swap each other's contributing soup for the day.

Each guest also brings a quart of soup for each of the guests in attendance to take home at the end of the night, too. Intrigued? Perfect.

So, what's this soup swap business, and how do you throw one of your own?

1. Pick a Date

We are about to face the frozen depths of winter, and your chosen date should be a well-rounded example of this. Pick a night during one of the colder months, and tell everyone you know about your swap!

The more is the merrier here, you'll just have to rearrange how you handle serving in larger groups, but that's nothing you can't handle. Regardless of the number, you'll need to make sure your guests know how a soup swap works.

2. Count The Soups

Once you've picked your night, you'll need to get a count of how many heads will be attending.

This is dire so that you can prep your space for the correct number of guests, and have the right number of bowls and utensils for everyone in attendance. The last thing you want is to have any number of soups that you can't try!

3. Throw The Swap

The night of your swap has arrived, and it's time to get to testing! If you have about 4-6 guests, we'd recommend serving each sample of soup yourself around a table for ease of sampling, and a stress-free environment for your guests.

If you have a larger party, leaving the soups at central location, such as the kitchen island or the bar area, and simply announcing which soup is being sampled one at a time may be best.

This allows everyone to mingle amongst other guests and enjoy the company and good times, and makes it easier on you.

4. Swap The Soups

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At the end of the night, each guest will leave with the various quarts of soup brought by other guests. This is great for two reasons: you get to sample these soups out to your friends and family on your own time, and you'll get to stock your freezer full of warm and soul-quenching deliciousness without any of the hassle.

For that reason alone, why would you not throw a soup swap?

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