How to Make the Cream-Topped Strudel from Inglorious Bastards

Each epic film has at least one iconic scene that movie watchers play over and over again in their head. Sometimes that scene is heartfelt, sometimes its comedic, and other times, it's downright nerve racking. For Inglorious Bastards, that was the strudel scene.a

Watching Christoph Waltz's character - Col. Hans Landa - casually dine with the French-Jewish girl Shosanna is as comfortable as watching, well, let's just say it's as uncomfortable as it gets. Tensely glued to the screen, three questions arise with the audience. Does he know? Will she live? And what does that mouthwatering strudel taste like?!

Despite keeping the audience on the edge of their seat, that strudel with it's buttery layers, snowy powdered sugar topping, and mound of fresh cream steals the show. One can't help but wonder what a mouthful of that eye stopping strudel would taste like.

Here to let you know you're not alone in curiosity, Binging with Babish has done it again and re-created a to die for on-screen dish.

Loaded in everything that is deliciously bad for you, Babish does it right tossing in flour, egg whites, sugar, lemon, butter, and more butter - basically a gluten sugar attack. Stretching out the dough over a large tablecloth, the key is to get it paper thin. Brushing layer after layer of butter, that flaky buttery crust wrapped around the sweet apples would almost be enough, if it weren't for the cream.

If you're making this at home, then don't forget the cream. It's what makes the dish come together. Leaving it off would be traitorous to the whole concoction. And, you'd put yourself at risk of Col. Hans Landa coming after you, because like Santa, he knows there was no cream on that strudel.

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