How to Make the Manliest Steak Ever: The Caveman Strip Steak

When it comes down to grilling, there's no better time than the summer, and when it comes to meat selection, there's nothin' better than a good ol' fashioned steak. If you've had a rough day, the answer is steak. If it's too hot out to do anything outdoorsy, the answer is steak. If it's a casual Friday in mid-June, the answer is always steak.

Once you've made the initial decision to have steak for breakfast, lunch and/or dinner (hey, you've got options!), the next decision is what type of grill you'll use, be it a charcoal or gas grill. If you're new to grilling, you likely didn't even know there was a difference between the two, and that is what we're here for. Steak lovers will quickly tell you their opinion proudly, but everyone has their own preferred cooking method.

Depending on what part of the country you're from, there's probably a general style of grillin' that's utilized. Most of the time we'd recommend doing one's personal preference, but this isn't just any story about any type of steak like a flank steak or a filet mignon. Oh, no, it's much more than that! This is about how you can become the grill master of your dreams while simultaneously crafting up the manliest steak ever carved.

1. Pick The Right Steak


Now, you can't possibly make a solid, caveman-style steak without a good cut of meat. Firstly, don't show up at your supermarket or local butcher's counter carrying preconceived notions of what a good steak is, what steaks pair well with what, and other steak know-how. These guys are the experts and don't hold the job as a butcher without having the knowledge to back it up.

With that being said, don't be afraid to ask your local butcher about the different cuts available. While you might not be purchasing a porterhouse steak or a Kansas City strip, it's still worth hearing their tips. From cooking time to the perfect seasoning for the perfect steak, your meat counter has decades of knowledge behind it. For this steak, we'd recommend a juicy rib-eye or a New York strip steak with just the right amount of marbling.

After you find the perfect steak, don't be afraid to liberally season that bad boy with healthy doses of kosher salt and black pepper. If the best grillmasters in Texas can work magic with a two-spice rub, so can you!

2. Grill Directly on the Coals


Because this streak recipe was crafted up by none other than Grillmaster extraordinaire, Steven Raichlen, put total faith in the process. We say that now because this next step may seem a little, well, out there.

For the grilling process, you're going to be putting your perfectly dry-rubbed steak  directly onto the coals and wood chips to grill up perfectly. This adds that smoky, beefy flavor that many aspire to create when firing up the grill, especially in a steakhouse. Use lump charcoal and rake it into one even layer. 

3. Dust Coals Before Grilling


There's likely going to be some ashes on the charcoal and wood chips that you've been preparing, and that's how it should be! That's where the smoky, rich flavor comes from. That's where dreams are made.

To dust the charcoal, simply use a fanning motion with your hands, a paper plate or what have you and wave away any discrepancies that ashes may bring to your grill game. Don't spend a long time trying to make your coals spotless, you have a delicious steak recipe calling your name.

4. Leave The Cover Off


Leave the cover off, and let each side grill for about three minutes each. According to Raichlen, this is the best way to carry out grilling. It allows all sides to be fully cooked and gain that smokey flavor without tasting like literal smoke (you're welcome).

After the first 3 minutes, flip the grilled steaks over. You want evenly cooked steaks with uniform steak thickness. No matter how you or your guests like their steaks prepared, it's best to always ensure an even cooking for the coveted medium rare request.

5. Let Your Steak Relax


After you pull your steaks from the grill, let them "relax" on a wire rack. This isn't simply for the sole purpose of saving you from burning your tongue, but rather to keep it from steaming on the bottom. By doing this, it enables the creation of a tastier and juicier steak with crispy crust.

Additionally, letting the steak relax ensures that the juices can resettle into the steak, making that first bite the most perfect, tender bite you could make.

6. Cook Side Items On Coals, Too


If you thought you couldn't bust out your cast iron skillet directly on top of your coals on the grill, this may be a pivotal moment in your life.

Cut up some bell peppers and onions, throw them in a cast iron skillet and let them cook away atop of the coals. How's that for a well-balanced meal?

7. Enjoy!


Now that you've crafted a meal for a real man or woman, it's time for it to be enjoyed. All of your labor and love has come to an end, but will be sure to live on in the memories and bellies of all that this luscious food has been devoured by.

Want an in-depth guide on what to serve as a side (beans, obviously Bush's beans and potatoes), check out Steven Raichlen's site, The Barbecue Bible, for further inspiration!


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