How to Make Buddy the Elf's Dessert Pasta Because Christmas is in Your Heart

There are some meals in movies that we can't help but want to sink our teeth into. There's the Goodfellas prison sauce, the Big Kahuna Burger from Pulp Fiction, and that iconic strudel from Inglorious Basterds. One movie meal, however, may not cause a mouthwatering reaction such as these, but rather one of a gluttonous curiosity. That meal would be the sickly-sweetened dessert breakfast pasta from none other than the movie Elf.

Come Christmas and you'll find yourself watching Will Ferrell play everybody's favorite elf character - Buddy the Elf - and become overwhelmed with a disgusting intrigue to take just one bite of the dessert pasta. Rather than contemplate, one man decided to re-enact this atrocious meal, and that man was Binging with Babish

Here to show us the ropes - should we feel the need to re-create this diabetic shock of a meal - Binging with Babish Buddy-fied a plate of pasta. While Buddy the Elf would go nuts after this, see how Binging with Babish really feels.

The first step, make a mouthwatering plate of pasta. Unlike most of us at home, Binging with Babish uses a pro technique and takes the almost done pasta and finishes the process in a red sauce - yum. Then, he makes it even more savory by adding butter along with olive oil. So far, so good.

Next, the gross concoction takes place by Buddying it up with a mound of chocolate chips, chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, M&M's, a fudge Pop Tart, and of course, a heaping of maple syrup.

Babish may have used a little more finesse with his process, but it looks to taste about the same - absolutely disgusting.

Loaded in everything unholy, it's like a small child got hold of all it's favorite sweet treats and conjured up a meal. While Elf may be a family favorite come the holiday season, his sweet-toothed recipes are better left to the imagination.

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