How to Make Praline Bacon with Jess Pryles, the Hardcore Carnivore

Bacon is not just for breakfast anymore; the meaty treat long ago worked its way into our lunches and dinners, and now it's dead-set on our desserts. Don't believe me? Enter praline bacon. Give it a try at home with this video from Australian-turned-Austinite Jess Pryles, -- cook, writer, host and "Hardcore Carnivore."

"Pig Candy," as Pryles calls it, is sweet, savory, spicy and simple, with just four ingredients -- bacon, brown sugar, chili and chopped pecans -- in the mix.

You can find the full recipe and instructions here. Be sure to poke around, there's plenty of delicious recipes where this one came from.

Check out some of her best Instagram photos:

Glaze. Sear. Glaze. Roast. Beautiful rack of Aussie lamb for Australia Day- recipe linked in bio. #lamb

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