How to Make the Most Luxurious Macaroni and Cheese Ever

If you thought macaroni and cheese was basic in every way, shape and form, think again. This classic staple in American food can be as simple as you want it, but what's the fun in that? You may think it's a task and a half to step up your cheese game, but it's much more simple and process-oriented than you would think.

It's time to pick out some cheeses, your favorite type of noodles, and cuddle up with a warm cup of macaroni to sooth your end-of-winter blues away.

Select The Cheeses

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Yes, cheese was plural in that title and for good reason. Don't let the idea of variety scare you away from mixing and matching miscellaneous cheeses together. Love gorgonzola and bleu cheese?

Fantastic! Get both, combine the soft with the creamy, melt, and submerge your pasta in this intriguing combination.

Want to go head-over-heels in the cheesy way? Grab six or more different cheeses, such as gouda, goat, brie, or cheddar to name a few.

If you're getting cheeses with different consistencies, such as a more wet than dry cheese, combine the likes ones together prior to dumping them all into a pot to make that creamy goodness that is so rich, it could make you cry.

Get Your Pasta

Here's another point where you get to go off the handles and pick out whatever type of pasta your cheese-loving heart desires. Care for a fettuccine type of creamy delight? Perfection! Grab a box or two off the shelf.

Do you like shapes with your macaroni and easy forking ability with your pasta? Opt for Rotini, and get your spiral on.

The type of pasta rarely influences the delicious outcome of this dish, and it's a place--like the cheese--where you can get creative and experiment.

Maybe to you, penne is the overall winner in the macaroni category, but you want to experience what gnocchi would taste like dowsed in various (and delectable) cheeses. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that! Get loose with it, and fulfill your hearts desire

Select a Drink

This may be the most crucial part of the process. Why? Well, everything can be made better with the right drink.

Whether you're utilizing your beverage as a factor to stamina through the cooking process, or you're enjoying a glass of your choice alongside this decadent dream of a dish, you'll want to make sure you have the right flavors goin' on to compliment your fine cooking skills.

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Any seasonal cider or beer goes perfectly with macaroni--bonus points if they're from a local brewery! For some reason, going local just tastes better; not that you'll need any more deliciousness in this dish. You can also team up a glass of pinot noir with this dish, and delve into immense satisfaction.

There you have it! Here at Wide Open Eats, we don't mess around with macaroni and cheese and now, you don't have to either!

So, tell us: What's your favorite flavor combination?

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