How To Grill Porterhouse Steaks Perfectly Every Time

When it comes to grilling a steak for a special occasion (Father's Day, July Fourth, heck even a Wednesday), nothing compares to a grilled porterhouse steak. Robust and meaty, this cut of meat is almost reminiscent of the dinners Fred Flintstone would enjoy. But how do you grill a perfect porterhouse steak? Thankfully, our friends over at Red Meat Lover know their porterhouse steaks. In this informative video, host Joey shares how to grill a great steak that'll instantly transport you to your favorite steakhouse without ever leaving your backyard.

What is a Porterhouse Steak?

Found in the short loin, the porterhouse steak includes a "T" shaped bone with meat on both sides. They may look like T-bone steaks, however, they are different. According to the USDA, Porterhouse steaks are cut from the rear of the short loin and include more tenderloin steak. In fact, the porterhouse's portion must be at least one and a quarter inches wide in order to be classified as such, while the tenderloin must be at least one and a half-inch wide. And not to be even more confusing some steakhouses are known to call porterhouse steaks "T-bones."

How To Prepare Your Porterhouse Steak

Since the porterhouse steak is so large, it is important to let the steak rest at room temperature for 45 minutes to an hour on a baking sheet before slapping it on the grill. This will give the steak time to get up to room temperature, which, according to the video, allows even cooking and lets the seasoning to penetrate the meat. Sprinkle on a hefty amount of kosher salt and black pepper, making sure to get the sides.

If you plan on using a marinade, a rest time of four hours in the marinade should suffice.

It's All About Direct and Indirect Heat

Preheat your charcoal grill or gas grill for direct and indirect heat. Rub the grill grates with vegetable oil (not olive oil) and preheat. The direct side should be medium-high heat. Once the grill is preheated, sear the steak, making sure to rotate the meat at a 45-degree angle to achieve grill marks. Watch out for flare-ups due to the high amount of fat in the steak.

Once the steak is seared for two minutes on each side, remove the steak from the direct heat side using tongs and place it on the indirect heat. Grill until the steak reaches your desired doneness. Red Meat Lover recommends using an instant-read thermometer to read the internal temperature.

Meat Thermometer

You can grab a nice meat thermometer online pretty easily.

Steak Temperatures

  • Rare: 135F
  • Medium-Rare: 140F
  • Medium: 155F
  • Medium-Well: 160F
  • Well: 165F

Remove the grilled steak to a cutting board and let rest for at least 10 minutes. Top with sea salt to finish!