How to Find the Perfect Coffee Shop for You

We're now living in a world where there are coffee shops galore, and choosing the perfect one has become tedious task. There's cold brew bars nitrogen-infused coffee shops, your plain-jane neighborhood joints, and the list goes on and on my friends.

How can you possibly pick what shop to hit up when the options are seemingly limitless, and it's hard to feel out the vibe of each shop until you're actually there. What could possibly go into the decision of a coffee shop to post up at for whatever reason? We're so happy you asked.

When it comes to coffee shops, there are a handful of reasons you could be in the market to scope one out. Whether it's a post-brunch detox, for a meetup group, or a date, there are numerous reasons to stumble upon any given coffee shop. The challenge lies in finding the perfect one for the exact vibe you're looking for, and in a decent proximity to your humble abode.

1. The Perfect Vibe

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The vibe of the coffee shop you're looking for is a key factor when it comes to decision time. Are you looking for a mellow place to have a cup of joe, relax, and get your Sunday paper reading on, or a place to socialize with a large group of friends?

These are two very different desired settings, and they're crucial to pay attention to when you're trying to pick the perfect shop to hit up. If you're looking to be a social crowd, avoid smaller coffee shops that are known for being populated by the work-from-home crowd, and opt for a bigger and more sociable place.

The vibes will match the presence of your group there, thus allowing for fun times all around.

2. The Perfect Workspace

If you're heading to a coffee shop with the intention of working, you may want a quieter place known for strong coffee and a plethora of outlets. After all, when you're a work-from-home-er, you need all the resources you can tangibly have while out and about.

The ideal coffee shop for this occasion is one with a quiet ambience, an outrageous amount of coffee (bottomless, anyone?), and like-minded individuals who are looking for the same environment as you.

3. The Perfect Coffee

If you're in for it, and we mean really in for it, hit up a local joint that's known for their hair-raising caffeinated goodness--otherwise known as coffee. Places with strong coffee are best for long stays and mounds of productivity. Whether you're here for work or pleasure is irrelevant; you know you'll stay for the coffee.

Better yet, one cup will last you about 3-4 times longer than the regular cup of joe at any other coffee shop, allowing you to be at your peak performance and remain in coffee-lovin' heaven.

Stopped by to warm up from the cold wind. Coffee always helps! ? ☕

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Coffee purists tend to enjoy the places who brew their coffee long and strong, because it means the roastmasters take their jobs seriously, as they should.

When it comes to coffee and coffee shops, there's no time for messing around.

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