Learn How to Fillet Salmon for Shore Lunches Like a Boss

Filleting a whole fish is a delicate process that requires a blend of finesse and technique. Anyone who has gone out for a nice seafood dinner may have noticed how gorgeous their salmon fillet looks. But how do they get those beautiful precise portions of salmon? Here to show us the ropes, ChefSteps breaks down the filleting process in this video on how to fillet salmon.

Walking through each slice, ChefSteps gracefully fillets the salmon. The trick to remember is keeping the meat ice cold and avoiding touching it as much as possible. Less hand contact will prevent the meat from warming up to quickly. Gliding the knife effortlessly along the fillet, ChefSteps cuts perfect portions of this beautiful catch.

Like parts of the pig, not all parts of the salmon are equal. Chefs use different parts of the salmon for various recipes. The loin would be what you may find on your plate at a fancy restaurant, while the chewier tail is better for a tartar. That doesn't mean, however, that any part should be filleted with less care.

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