'How to Cook Like a Texan': A Southern Living Cookbook Review

Texas' favorite season is upon us. It's grilling season, ladies and gentlemen, and the folks at Southern Living magazine have a new cookbook out just in time. Please welcome your new favorite summertime cookbook, Texas BBQ: Platefuls of Legendary Lone Star Flavor.

The book, published by Oxmoor House, is full of classic Texan recipes. There are 115 of them to be precise, and they range from barbecue recipes to side dishes and appetizers to sweets. There are even little tidbits about the origins and heritage of the recipes scattered throughout the book.

In fact, many of the recipes are old Texan secrets sourced from roadhouse restaurants and vintage cookbooks. Think of all the beef ribs with sorghum glaze, chicken-brisket Brunswick stew, King Ranch chicken casserole, and nachos in your future. 

Learn To Barbecue Like a Texan

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Want to learn how to properly grill, smoke, brine, and marinate your meat? If so, this book will become your Bible. 

Spread among the mouthwatering recipes and the alluring photography are tips and tricks for all things Texas barbecue

Barbecue experts, you may heave a disappointed sigh when you see a few debunked barbecue myths listed as essential steps (like soaking wood chips in water before adding them to the smoker) or realize that a recipe calls for a lean brisket flat instead of the second or deckle cut, but it's all about the learning process. Besides, on the whole, the recipes are delicious.

What's In The Book?

Think recipes like,

Sorghum-glazed beef ribs, a potluck-worthy King Ranch Chicken casserole and barbecued oysters with two butters (bacon and cayenne, chipotle) are standouts.

There are also recipes like lemon-lavender pound cake that celebrate the Hill Country's lavender fields and Lone Star Slaw that melds grapefruit zest, toasted pecans, and cilantro in a nod to the German, Czech, and Spanish heritage that influenced Texas cuisine.

So grab your 10-gallon hat and fire up your grill. Summertime is about celebration, and no food is as perfectly suited to the task as the unapologetic, flavorful dishes of Texas that are served up on a plate big enough to feed the high school football team.

Can't wait to get the book? Here is once recipe extracted from its pages to give you a taste of what's in store.

Tequila Lime Pie

House of Yumm

There are plenty of recipes for Texas barbecue and classic side dishes, but what could be more quintessentially Texan than a Tex-Mex infused Southern dessert? Not much.

This recipe effortlessly captures the collision of cultures that you can feel all around the state itself and blends it into a tasty treat. Buy the cookbook or find the recipe here.

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