How to Cook Bacon in an Oven For The Simplest Breakfast

Up until I landed my first kitchen job at the age of 18 I thought the only way to cook bacon was sandwiched between paper towels in the microwave. It was a simple task I could assist with when I was younger and up to that point, I thought it was the best way to cook bacon. It was fast, efficient, and didn't require constant monitoring like when you cook it in a skillet on the stovetop. I thought cooking bacon in the microwave was supreme until I learned how to cook bacon in the oven. My entire life changed in that moment.

While working a breakfast shift, I was instructed to place 25-30 pieces of thick cut bacon in a single layer on cooling racks perched on top of baking pans. Fifteen minutes later the bacon slices were cooked and crispy, and the bacon grease laid underneath on the pan. The sun wasn't even fully up yet and I felt like I had witnessed a miracle.

How To Cook Bacon In An Oven

Today I use a similar approach, however, add in one more element to help with easy cleanup. Cleaning up bacon grease wasn't an issue back when I used an industrial dishwasher, however, it is a bit of a pain in a home kitchen. Because of this, I add a layer of aluminum foil or parchment paper on the bottom of the sheet pan and top with a baking rack. Once the crispy bacon is done, all I have to do is let the bacon fat cool and crumble it in the aluminum foil or parchment paper.

How Long To Bake Bacon

So you have your baking sheet ready and your oven pre-heated to 400℉. Now it's time to bake some bacon. Depending on the thickness of the bacon, baking bacon can take 12 - 20 minutes to cook to your desired crispiness.

What To Do With Leftover Baked Bacon

Seem to have a bit of leftover bacon after serving brunch to your friends? Baked bacon can stay fresh for up to one week refrigerated in a container. Use it for BLT sandwiches, adding a savory note to plates of pasta, and snacking. There are a ton of bacon recipes on the web, so it won't be hard to use up leftover baked bacon.

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