Craving a Brownie, But Not 12? Learn How to Bake a Brownie for One

We all have those days when you just need a little bit of chocolate. If you've been there, you probably agree that a brownie is the ultimate way to get your fix. It's no secret that a brownie is a decadent, molten chocolate indulgence that will satisfy you even in chocolate-emergency situations.

However, although brownies are delicious, there are so many reasons that you want to be able to make yourself just one. Besides the fact that a single-serving will alleviate the risk of you consuming more than you should, single-serving desserts are like a present to yourself. They are adorable, just the right proportion, and they are incredibly fast to bake.

So how do you avoid going overboard and make just one brownie? You start by minimizing everything.

Easy Bake Ovens for Adults


Chelsea's Messy Apron

Toaster overs are great kitchen appliances. They are awesome for keeping you kitchen cool, baking desserts fast and evenly, and because they're so small, they give you that gleeful feeling of feeling like a kid in the kitchen.

Since I know you've spend the last 20 years since your first Easy Bake Oven wishing that you could bake miniature treats again, I'm giving you the perfect excuse to relive that dream.

It's time to start making those single-serve brownies! Chelsea's Messy Apron has a fantastic recipe that's incredibly easy.

Bonus Tips

Before you dive in and tackle this pint-sized recipe, make sure that you have all the proper gear. This means ingredients as well as the perfect small baking dish (like a ramekin).

Once you have everything in order, it's time to get started. Give yourself 20 minutes because that's all you need. In 20 minutes you will have prepped, baked, and cooled off the most indulgent treat you've given yourself all week.

Are you ready to get started? Find the full recipe here.

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