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Getting Casted On 'Chopped' Is Actually Very Easy


If you're reading this, chances are you've dreamt of getting on a cooking show. If not, maybe you're just thinking it would be cool to be a reality star. If either of those is you, you might just be lucky enough to snag some screen time on Food Network. Calling all chefs, here's how you can apply to be on the cooking competition Chopped.

What is Chopped?

If you're already a fan, this is your chance to skip over this section.

If you have no idea, Chopped is your ticket to $10,000. Yep, you read that right. If you get crowned the chopped champion, you can win 10 grand.

The hit TV show is one of Food Network's biggest reality TV franchises. Since its debut some 49 seasons ago, it has spawned the likes of Chopped Junior, Chopped Sweets, and is currently also casting Chopped: Blind Date.


The premise of the competition show is basically 4 professional chefs battling it out through a 3-course meal (including an appetizer, entree, and dessert). What's the catch, you've got to be asking? You have to create the meal out of mystery ingredients.

Ted Allen hosts the three-round contest, kicking off each round with a new mystery basket. At the beginning of each round, the contestants are given the basket ingredients and expected to complete a course within the allotted time frame. Each episode has a panel of three judges who evaluate the unique combinations to crown the best dishes and winners. Every episode hands out the prize money to one chef.

The Chopped Cookbook

How to get on Chopped

Getting on the show is actually much easier than claiming you have the best cooking skills as the winner. And if you're really interested, take some notes because the casting call is currently up. It all starts with an online application.


1. For the first round, you need to fill out the application form online. It's pretty basic with some background info and your journey as a chef. You'll also need to submit a couple of photos.

2. If you catch some eyes, you'll get a call pretty early for an on-camera interview.

3. If they still love you after that, pack your bags because you just got invited to participate. If not, chances are you could be a standby. Each episode brings on a standby in case another chef has to back out.

And that's pretty much it on how you can apply to Chopped! If you don't get invited, the application process is always opening up seeing as new episodes are constantly being filmed. Apply again and don't give up.


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