How Do You Open a Beer Bottle in Australia? One Hint: Crab

When beer thirst strikes and there's no bottle opener around, survival skills kick in and the mind asks, "What would MacGyver do?" Looking around the room, any beer enthusiast would size up their available tools to pop open a bottle cap and down the cold one. Many have tried and failed. Others have been successful in utilizing their resources. Often lighters, counter tops, and even one's own teeth become subject to opening a bottle of beer. One guy even altered a plethora of household tools to get to the suds captured inside a beer bottle.

While those are all kudos worthy, this guy went beyond tactical skill that would even leave MacGyver's jaw dropped. Rather than going to great lengths to fashion a bottle opener or ruin his pearly whites, this Australian showed the world how easy it is to open a beer bottle by using a crab. Yes, that's right, a crab. Why? Because Australians are some crazy mumbo jumbos that sure know how to party.

Showing us what's up, here's how you open beer in Australia, because, well, it's Australia:

This guys is up for one killer seafood and beer pairing. When you don't have a bottle opener around, do like the Aussie's and use whatever you have around you. It's a crowd pleasing party trick, and better than that, you get to drink your beer.

Think smarter, not harder.

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