The Way You Cook Can Help the Water Crisis, and It All Starts with Pasta

It's no secret that we are guilty of wasting water. Whether we are over watering lawns to keep them a nice shade of green or let the faucet run a little too long when we are brushing our teeth, Americans are using more water than necessary. Cutting down use is a start to conserving, but what else can be done?

There are simple changes we can make that may not be as obvious as a shorter shower, and it all starts with a bowl of pasta. Epicurious points out that a family of four uses 100 gallons of water a year just to boil pasta. One hundred gallons! By offering a slight change in cooking method, a drastic amount of water can be conserved.

While we know that water is often wasted, it is a shocking concept that billions of gallons can be saved from a single pot of pasta.

One pot pastas can help the water crisis not just by cooking, but also in washing. With rising drought conditions, that one pot pasta can make a world of difference. Take a look at how you cook. What simple changes can you make to ensure water will be there when you need it most?

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