Hot Cocoa Oreos Were Made to Dunk in Your Favorite Hot Chocolate

We have a very urgent news announcement. You've sampled Cookie Butter Oreos. Waffles & Syrup Oreos were delicious, and you likely got in line when you heard Pumpkin Spice Oreos were back. The limited edition Oreo game is, quite frankly, on fire. In fact, Oreo is even holding a competition for customers to guess the current mystery flavor and win a serious cash prize. So what else could the cookie brand have up their sleeve? How about a cookie that pairs perfectly with hot chocolate?

This winter's limited edition flavor promises to be a hit in every home. Grab your reusable bags and head to the grocery store, people. Hot Cocoa Oreos are winter's new flavor.

Wal-Mart's website has teased this new flavor quite subtly. There's not much info there, though. The description reads, "Nabisco Limited Edition Oreo Chocolate Sandwich Cookies Hot Cocoa. Always made with real cocoa. Artificially flavored and wonderfilled." Will it taste just like Oreo-flavored hot cocoa? One can only hope.

The purist in us has a hard time being as excited about "artificially flavored" as we are about "wonderfilled," but that's just us. Hot Cocoa Oreos are for in-store purchase only, and there aren't any reviews as the flavor is yet to be released. What better way to try them, though, than covering them in peanut butter or dunking them into Oreo hot chocolate?

Instagram user @markie_devo, a self-proclaimed "food explorer" with eighteen thousand followers, says there's more wonderfilled goodness on the horizon. He leaked a picture of the Hot Cocoa Oreos. Big deal, right? Wrong.

The photo also included White Fudge Oreos and a mysterious Winter Oreo. The White Fudge Oreos, if the packaging is any sign, will be literally covered in liquid white fudge. As far as the Winter Oreo goes, though, all we can tell is that the filling is red.

Coming Soon! Hot Cocoa Oreo! (Already spotted at Superstore, Rexall, and London Drugs for you Canadians) #thejunkfoodaisle

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The Hot Cocoa Oreos have been spotted in Canada. If Instagram captions are to be believed, though, we'll be seeing the new Oreo flavors around October 30. October 30, if you weren't aware, is just one day before Halloween.

That said, you better bet that we'll be handing these bad boys out as Halloween candy they hit stores near us by then. Is there any other way to prove that you're the coolest dad in the neighborhood? We think not.

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