Hopsy is the Milkman of Craft Beer Delivery Every Town Needs

Pouring the last drop of that fresh growler into your snifter, do you ever stop and wonder why you can't get fresh draft beer delivered straight to your home? Oh wait, now you can. The milkman of the beer industry, Hopsy delivers fresh beer right to your door step. The San Francisco based startup offers a craft beer delivery service allowing beer lovers to order growlers straight from the brewery without ever having to leave home. Hopsy, you're proving dreams come true.

Hopsy has been serving the SF Bay Area for over a year now. Featuring more than 20 breweries, including local favorite Magnolia Brewing Co., Hopsy has recently expanded their services to the San Diego area. Their 4,500 square foot distribution center and retail shop in Linda Vista has allowed them to partner with well-known local breweries such as Coronado Brewing Company and Mike Hess Brewing.

"Our mission is to grow and sustain local craft beer worldwide by connecting local breweries with local beer lovers who care about drinking fresh, quality beer and supporting their community."

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With Hopsy, there's no question about how long bottles or cans have been sitting on the retailer shelf. Their delivery is always fresh craft beer. Straight from the brewery to your mouth, each growler is kept fresh thanks to a counter pressure filler that eliminates oxygen. Once the growlers hit transit, they're kept under 40°F ensuring your product maintains brewery fresh quality.

So how do you get the freshest beer delivered to your home? Here's how it works. The growlers for sale are filled directly from the local microbreweries and added to the Hopsy beer selection. Beer connoisseurs can then hop on over to the Hopsy website to choose from a variety of beers that come in either 32 ounce growlers or two-liter TORPS.

In case you are not familiar, TORPS are beer filled canisters that can be loaded into the Krups SUB machine - an at home draft system that keeps beer chilled and pressurized for two weeks. The fresh growlers or TORPS are then delivered to your address of choice - albeit work, home, or best friend's house - with jumping high-fives upon arrival if you're so inclined.

While they are based in the Bay Area of California, Hopsy orders will ship in 1-3 business days to the following states: California, Arizona, Idaho, New Mexico, Oregon, and Washington. If you're local to San Francisco, Oakland, or Berkeley, there is a $1 next day delivery service option.

Shipping will run you flat rate of $9.99 with a $1 growler deposit fee. If you're in the local area, you can return your growler to a Hopsy driver to get back your deposit. If not, you can reuse your growler at your best local microbreweries and toss your TOPRS in the recycle bin.

For local patrons that don't want to pay shipping, you can visit the retail store in either Albany, CA or San Diego, CA to purchase your fresh growlers, TORPS, barrel aged bombers, and sour bottles to go - sorry, no on-premise tastings allowed. They will however be serving kombucha and cold brew coffee via their SUB draft.

If you're looking for fresh beer or special releases from your local breweries, but don't have the time or the convenience of getting there, Hopsy is here. Thanks to Hopsy, local beer has become even more accessible. If you're anticipating a beer drought in your house, order now and let the beer come to you. Buying local and drinking local was never as easy as it is with Hopsy.

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