Hooter's New Restaurant 'Hoots' Does Away with Orange Hot Shorts

Hooters, the restaurant chain popularly known for scantily clad women in orange hot shorts, is branching out into a new market. Jumping into the fast-casual restaurant business, Hooter's is taking its classic wings that loyal patrons are so fond of and serving them up counter-service style.

Appropriately named, the first Hoots is set to open next month in Cicero, Illinois, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

If you're expecting tightly clothed women to be greeting you at the order counter, think again. Hoots is doing way with the iconic outfits as well as hiring a mix of males and females to serve up the classic bar food.

And the menu? The wings will still be on the menu - phew. But you won't have all the options the mother restaurant Hooters offers. Sticking to a one page menu, patrons will place their order at the service counter rather than being offered table service.

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The decision to branch out is part of an attempt to join in on the grab-n-go service trend that has hit the restaurant industry. With patrons preferring faster service as opposed to casual dining restaurants like Hooters and Chili's, Hoots is looking to give customers what they want.

By offering quality food with quicker service, Hoots will join the style ranks of restaurants such as Chipotle and Panera.

One thing that isn't scaling back is the full bar service. Hoots will have a seating capacity of 75 in a 2,800-square-foot building that will still let you enjoy a cold brew with your classic wings.

While we aren't sure about the new uniform, Hoots could very well become the next go-to lunch break spot.

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