This Homestyle Chicken Pot Pie Is Just How Momma Makes It

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Sometimes you just need to cut corners to get a wholesome, healthy dinner on the table in time. With our spin on a Homestyle Chicken Pot Pie, you get exactly that by using frozen vegetables and puff pastry dough instead of a biscuit topping. The prep time for the meal is less than 10 minutes and once you pop it into the oven, you can set it and forget it.

We only used one sheet of puff pastry dough for the top because we like more filling, but you can always use two sheets of puff pastry dough for an even coverage. Because it typically comes two in a box, we cut out shapes with cookie cutters for the top of the dish with the unused pastry sheet and we're now obsessed.

Is there anything cuter than a moose, a bear cub, and a squirrel hanging out? Not really.

Recipe: Homestyle Chicken Pot Pie