8 Home Cooks to Follow on Instagram for Delightful Inspiration

When it comes to cooking, we all collectively could use a little bit of inspiration and direction. Even if you have a passion for whipping up a five-course meal, or have a firm grip on everything you could possible brûlée, well . . .that doesn't necessarily mean that you're going for gold in every way you can. Sure, as humans we generally try to make everything to the best of our abilities, whether it be food, a craft or even our quality of life.

Let's face the music, here. There are days where we lack inspiration and motivation to get into the kitchen and whip up a masterpiece. Sometimes even Pinterest doesn't cut it. Sometimes, just sometimes, you need something a little more to do the trick.

That's where the wonderful world of Instagram comes into play. This platform allows home cooks to showcase their delectable foodie creations for a massive audience without the strings attached of being a legitimate chef on the Food Network or like channels and shows. This is a place where creativity meets scrumptiousness, and we couldn't be more ecstatic that the world of Instagram is also a foodie's paradise.

Food bloggers have taken to Instagram to further extend their reach to the population who may not want to read their whole write up on their blog about their take on homemade BBQ ramen or that tangy and sweet cherry pie they've just now perfected for their family of five. Keep in mind there is nothing wrong with utilizing foodie blogs to get the inspiration you need. But if you want to see what it is you could craft -- and drool over everything else -- then Instagram is the way to go.

Though it may seem intimidating at first, the wonderful world of the 'gram is pretty simple, and fascinating at that. With pictures galore and links to your eyes favorites, there's no step missed and absolutely no post-meal FOMO to be had. We've narrowed down some of our favorite Instagram accounts for foodies, and we hope you'll be drooling by the end of their feeds.

1. Pinch of Yum

There's this common misconception that breakfast must be eaten in the morning, and in the morning only. However, we beg to differ, and so does Pinch of Yum.

Making savory and sweet dishes accessible to those who loathe cooking, she's got everything the anti-chef would ever need.

2. How Sweet It Is

Did you say pizza? Count us in! Anytime there's a pizza, no matter the toppings, no matter the size; we're in. This specific pizza has a kick to it, but remains savory with the addition of goat cheese. Check out her array of recipes on her site if you truly want to drool your day away.

3. Bev Cooks

What's more to say here when you have the closest thing to handmade pasta in hands reach? Three words: Make. It. Now. Check out her site for more lovely recipes.

4. S Runs For Cake

Who says health foods (such as oatmeal) have to be boring? S Runs for Cake understands the necessity of food-life-balance, and that's evident in all of her crafty creations.

Take this oatmeal, for instance. The base is healthy and the top adds flare. What can we say, life's all about moderation.


5. Kitchenspired

Everything you know about healthy eating and living, you can find here. From filling breakfasts to sweet, low-sugar desserts, she has tips of the trade for everything you could possibly want or need.

6. Daisybeet

If you're looking for a lifestyle change and an easy way to do it, daisybeet is the perfect account to follow. Not only does the food look gorgeous throughout every post, but it won't cost you an arm and a leg to make, either. Win, win if you ask us!

7. Baker By Nature

Heaven is a place on earth when it comes to all things Baker by Nature. Indulge in your sweet side with all things chocolate, scones, berries and more on her Instagram page.

If you're not running out the door to the store immediately after scrolling through the first few images, can you really call yourself a foodie?

8. Arsenic Lace

We love Arsenic Lace's vibe so much, we even wrote it about it once before. Her Palm Springs-meets-Happy-Hour vibe immediately brings a smile to our faces every time a new post comes down our feed. Join us in her joy and follow her!

Do you have a favorite Instagram foodie that we didn't give a shout-out to?

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