Gift Guide: 13 Sweet Ideas for Your Favorite Chocoholic

Forget the gift basket, there's so much more to being a true chocoholic than fancy foil and wrapping paper. We've got an amazing collection of chocolate and chocolate accessories to help you find the perfect gift.

Check out these 13 gift ideas for the chocolate lover in your life.

1. For those who eat straight from the jar,


If chocolate lovers are anything, it's indulgent. Show them your understanding and help them declare their love for all things chocolate with this custom handmade spoon.

Find the gift here.

2. For the globetrotters,


It would be silly to have a list for chocolate lovers and not include a couple chocolate recommendations. Give your chocolate lover a taste of the world with this chocolate passport collection.

Find the gift here.

3. For the whimsical,


This golden ticket doormat is the perfect way to welcome a chocolate lover home. The classic movie reference will bring to mind a fanciful paradise that's guaranteed to make your chocolate lover smile.

Especially if the pantry is stocked well enough to live up to the dream. Find the gift here.

4. For those who want chocolate in everything,


Expect this beautiful cookbook to get dog-eared and dirty in no time. With over 80 recipes, your chocolate lover will find even more ways to enjoy their favorite treat.

Just make sure you're around to get a taste, too. Find the gift here.

5. For the home decorator,


The intensity of a chocolate lover's obsession is astonishing. Whether it's sneaking it into meals or their morning coffee, they can never get enough. Help them branch out their joy with cute chocolate themed home décor like this festive throw pillow.

Find the gift here.

6. For the traditionalists,


After an intense day of wishing for chocolate and home decorating, it's nice to relax with a steamy cup of hot chocolate. Froth it up right with a traditional Mexican molinillo for an authentic experience.

Find the gift here and try it with one of these Mexican hot chocolate discs.

7. For the classy drinkers,


When hot chocolate's not relaxing enough, wine's got your back. Try this chocolate lover's mixed wine pack for three enticing demonstrations of why red wine and chocolate are paired so frequently.

Find the gift here.

8. For the accessorizers,


It's amazing to thing that something as small as a molecule can bring so much joy. Let your chocolate lover show off their appreciation for the humble molecule that makes chocolate so special with their jewelry of preference.

Necklaces are a classic, but the earrings and cufflinks are nice, too! Find the gift here.

9.  For the hands-on chocolate lover,


This chocolate milk stout kit is sure to please, using fresh cacao nibs. Milk stouts have been around since at least 1907, so it's no surprise that we've figured out how to make chocolate milk stouts.

This home-brew kit has everything you need to make a rich and creamy brew. Find the gift here.

10. For those who share the chocolate love,


Fondue is a traditional good times food, dating back to the 1600s, a tradition that continued when chocolate fondue was created in the 1960s. Keep the tradition alive and party with chocolate and close friends with this stylish fondue set.

Find the gift here.

11. For the fudge fiends,


There are so many wonderful things people can do with chocolate, especially when they take the time to really care for the ingredients. And who would be better to take their time than the Amish?

Join the Amish Buggy Fudge of the Month Club with this 12 month subscription and enjoy pounds of delicious fudge all year long.

Find the gift here.

12. For the technologically trendy,


As much as people stare at their phones all day, it's easy to see why they'd want to look at something enjoyable. Enrobe your chocolate lover's phone in chocolate without damaging the warranty with this chocolate bar phone case.

Find the gift here.

13. For the early risers,


There's no better way to start the day off than with a good cup of coffee. This medium-bodied roast offers the full flavor of a Godiva truffle, without the added cream and sugar.

Find the gift here.

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