Hilarious Missouri Reporter Explains the Midwest to the Rest of the Country

The stereotype that the Heartland is a backwards land is not a new sentiment to those living in the middle of America, though it is one that's become pretty old, pretty quickly. Finally, one Missouri reporter by the name of Jeff Houghton, who hosts the local Mystery Hour of Fox 5, is setting the record straight for the coasts of the country.

He's reporting right from the heart of the country, a foreign land to most who have never been there. Try and keep a straight face for this, we dare you.

America Finally Has A Midwest Correspondent

What is the midwest, really? Jeff Houghton takes us on a journey to a foreign land that rarely sees reporters.

Posted by Circa on Wednesday, March 22, 2017

While Houghton makes light of common misconceptions of the Heartland, it hits a little too close to home sometimes. The idea of America's torso is hilariously accurate, though some refer to those states as the flyover states. And isn't East Dakota nice this time of year?

Cornopolis -- what a great jab. Also, as Houghton points out, Thomas Jefferson DID choose to purchase this land for a reason, y'all. And look at all the space we have to roam around, or as he calls it, to frolic in!

While everyone on the coasts pokes fun at the Heartland, we here at Wide Open Eats are just going to keep proving to everyone that yes, Midwesterners and Southerners eat avocados, too.

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