Heroic Pizza Shop Employees Mourn Death of Longtime Customer They Rescued

Most people who order delivery pizza often enough to have the manager know their order by heart are not particularly proud of that fact. However, most people also never need to rely on their pizza delivery person to check up on their health.

In Holland, Michigan, Adrian Van Nieuwland was a longtime customer of Hungry Howie's. For years, he ordered the same thing: a medium three cheeser pleaser with butter cheese crust. Not only did he always order the same thing, but he ordered it often. So when he stopped calling in his order, the staff at Hungry Howie's became nervous. 

They called Van Nieuwland on the phone, but when they repeatedly received no answer, employees went to his home to check on him. Hungry Howie's driver Gabbe Raqib told Fox17, "They went to his house to check on him and found him laying on the floor. And they weren't sure how long he'd been down there." 

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Immediately after his discovery, Van Nieuwland was whisked to the local hospital. Shortly after his intake, several members of Hungry Howie's visited him where they say he seemed to be doing well.

However, after eight days in the hospital, Van Nieuwland passed away. The staff at Hungry Howie's told Fox17 that they're sad for the loss but that they are glad he was able to depart this earth with his family instead of alone.

"It's tragic and my heart breaks for him. But if anything I'm just happy that we stopped him from dying alone, on the floor of his house," said Raqib.

Be nice to your delivery person, you never know when your regular pizza deliverer may become your rescuer.


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