Heinz Introduces 'Chicago Dog Sauce' to Open the Eyes of Chicago Hot Dog Fans

Ask anyone from the Windy City -- you never, I repeat, never, put ketchup on a Chicago-style hot dog. It just doesn't happen. And while this culinary quirk may not extend far beyond borders of the Chi, Heinz, purveyors of all things ketchup, have unveiled a "new" condiment to get around Chicago's infamous rule: Chicago Dog Sauce.

Introduced just in time for National Hot Dog Day -- July 19 -- Heinz' new "dog sauce" is made with red, ripe tomatoes and a blend of spices which, if we're being honest, sounds a lot like... ketchup.

Actually, it is ketchup. Will the "new," not-ketchup condiment from Heinz change any Chicagoans' minds? That's highly unlikely.

So what makes up an actual Chicago hot dog? An all-beef frankfurter nestled in a fluffy poppy seed bun and topped with chopped white onions, sweet green pickle relish, tomato slices, a dill pickle spear, pickled sport peppers, a dash of celery salt, and mustard. Vehemently against ketchup, as the video said, only those who still have training wheels on their bikes are allowed to ask for it throughout the city.

However, if you'd like to get your hands on a bottle of Chicago Dog Sauce to see for yourself, order one for $5 from Chicago Dog Sauce

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