Ghosts, Goblins, Oh My! Here Are the 50 Most Haunted Places in America

Looking to scare yourself silly? Look no further than your home state with the 50 most haunted places in America. Every single state has some questionably spooky places, whether it's a series of haunted houses, a donut shop that delivers donuts with a terrifying clown or hold haunted hotels with rumored ghost stories about a young girl haunting the halls.

Whether you're a skeptic or a hardcore ghoul enthusiast, we put together a list of the most haunted places in each state that are sure to spook you to your core. So muster up some courage and say a prayer, just to be safe, because the most haunted places in America will give you the fright of your life.

Alabama: Belle Mont Mansion in Tuscumbia

This Jeffersonian-style mansion was first built in 1828 for Dr. Alexander Williams Mitchell as the site for his slave-run cotton and corn plantation. The house was sold to Isaac and Catherine Winston only one year after it was built. The mansion was kept in their family until 1983.

Due to the horrors of slavery, it is said that many slaves that once toiled in the fields now haunt the grounds of this manor. Visitors to the mansion have reported seeing spirits and hearing eerie howls as if someone was in pain. If you want to take a look for yourself, call ahead because reservations must be made two weeks in advance.

Alaska: Igloo City Hotel in Cantwell

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The building of this curiously shaped hotel began in the 1970s and to this day has never been completed by any of its former owners.

Many people driving by have reporting seeing lighted orbs floating around the grounds and people who have dared to enter claimed they felt as if they were being watched.

Arizona: Carondelet St. Mary's Hospital in Tucson

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This hospital was founded by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet and has been in operation since 1880, making it the longest continuously operating hospital in southern Arizona.

Many patients and visitors claim to see apparitions entering evaluators to catch a lift before disappearing. The most helpful of the ghosts is a nun who alerts nurses when a patient is in peril.

Arkansas: The Empress of Little Rock Bed and Breakfast in Little Rock

The Empress of Little Rock, a Victorian Queen Anne style historic mansion, is worth the visit!

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Originally named The Hornibrook Mansion after its original owner, James H. Hornibrook, this magnificent Victorian style structure was completed in 1888. He died shortly after the house was finished and his wife followed him to the grave only a couple of years later.

The most frequently spotted apparitions are that of a well-dressed gentleman, thought to be the original owner, and that of a woman in pink clothing. A sea captain often visits guests in their rooms and an African American maid can be found still organizing the maid's closet.

California: Alcatraz in San Francisco

From Native American claims that the island housed evil deities, to its history as a fort during the American Civil War, to housing the first lighthouse on the West Coast, Alcatraz has a colorful history.

It is most famous for being an escape-proof prison, which didn't stop prisoners from trying. It housed some pretty famous prisoners, from Al Capone, to George "Machine Gun" Kelly, Alcatraz is nothing short of notorious.

The most haunted area of the floating prison is Cell Block "D," where prisoners were held in solitary confinement. The most common experiences are feeling severe drops in temperature and hearing heavy footsteps.

Colorado: The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park

F. O. Stanley, a rich businessman who enjoyed the high life and the natural scenery of Estes Park, built The Stanley Hotel as a retreat. It is most famous for its beautiful natural landscape and for being the inspiration behind Stephen King's novel, The Shining.

Full bodied apparitions can be seen walking down the halls and ascending the staircase. Ghosts are often caught on camera peeking through the windows of the hotel as guests take pictures on the lawn.

Connecticut: Village of the Damned in Dudleytown

The curse of Dudleytown begins with the beheading of Edmund Dudley by King Henry VII for being a traitor. After Dudley's death, his family was believed to be cursed. The Dudley family and others settled in Connecticut in the 1700s, but the settlement was later abandoned because the land wasn't farmable.

Hikers near this ghost town report seeing strange orbs and dark figures in the trees. It is said to ask permission before entering the town, and visitors are warned not to take anything from the area or else the curse will fall upon your family as well.

Delaware: Fort Delaware on Pea Patch Island

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Fort Delaware was built in 1859 and it was first used to hold Confederate prisoners during the American Civil War. Fort Delaware is known to be the site of the most vicious treatment by the United States Military on POWs.

Visitors can sign up for a five-hour paranormal investigation including access to ghost hunting equipment. Many visitors to the island have reported being poked and heard various noises, including cannon fire.

Florida: May-Stringer House in Brooksville


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John May and his family built and moved into this Victorian abode around 1856. Only a few years later John passed away, his wife, Marena, remarried eight years later and became pregnant, only to die during childbirth. The child named, Jessie May, died a mysterious death three years later.

A museum by day and ghost tour destination by night, this haunted mansion is known for black streaks that have been caught on film. Orbs can be seen floating around the house at night, and a somewhat malicious male spirit often gives visitors the chills and shakes.

Georgia: The Pirates' House in Savannah


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This eclectic pirate-themed restaurant is nestled among buildings that date back to the 1750s. Tunnels under the restaurant were used to shanghai patrons who got too drunk at the bar.

Servers have reported seeing ghostly seamen appear to them when no one else was in the building. Patrons and workers have reported hearing heavy footsteps, seeing orbs floating about, and witnessing transparent figures.

Hawaii: USS Arizona Memorial in Honolulu

On December 7, 1941 the infamous attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese thrust the United States into WWII. The USS Arizona suffered the most causalities after the ship sank following the bombardment. The memorial was built above its ruins in the 1960s.

Only accessible by Navy shuttle boats, visitors to the floating memorial report misty and foggy figures in their pictures. Others report feeling an eerie and overwhelming feeling of despondency as they approach the memorial.

Idaho: The Egyptian Theatre in Boise

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Built in 1927, this historical theatre was inspired by the Egyptian funeral book, The Book of the Dead. This book was laid in the sarcophagi of the deceased. The inside of the theatre might be fashioned after the dead, but its vibrant pictorials and inlayed architecture will have you gazing in awe.

Visitors to the theatre have reported hearing footsteps and ethereal voices. Objects often move on their own, and workers at the theatre believe that the presence is that of a projectionist named Joe, who died suddenly of a heart attack in the theatre.

Illinois: Ashmore Estates in Ashmore

Ashmore Estates was built in 1916 as an addition to the Coles County Poor Farm, and was meant to house the local poor and insane as an almshouse. The Coles County Poor Farm was unsavory to say the least, due to the deplorable conditions that it forced its residents to live in it was later shut down.

Visitors have reported being scratched by unseen entities. With such a disturbing past it is no surprise that photographs will catch black masses surrounding visitors as they walk down the halls. Disembodied voices can be heard humming and speaking amongst themselves.

Indiana: Tunnelton Tunnel in Bedford

During construction of this train tunnel, a worker at the site was decapitated and he can still be seen searching for his head.

Some say as construction commenced, the workers found a gravesite in the ground they were hollowing out, and bodies fell from the ceiling inside the tunnel.

Another story tells of a family traveling by horse and buggy that crashed into the nearby river. Passersby claim to hear the family screaming as the crash replays in the night.

Iowa: Villisca Ax Murder House in Villisca

On the night of June 20, 1912, the Moore family and two of their children's house guests were murdered. A total of eight innocent people were ferociously slain, and to this day the mystery of their deaths has never been solved.

Visitors experience everything from voices whispering in their ear, hands touching them, cold chills, and odd green lights. Full bodied apparitions and blood stains on the walls of the house are also often seen.

Kansas: Hutchinson Public Library in Hutchinson

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Established in 1901, the Hutchinson Public Library is home to a librarian spirt named Ida Day Holzapfel. After her death, she returned to watch over the library she loved, the books its shelves hold, and all the visitors looking for a good book.

You can hear her walking around, restocking shelves, and even lightly touching the shoulders of her favorite guests.

Kentucky: Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville

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Waverly Hills Sanatorium was opened in 1910 by Major Thomas H. Hays in hopes of being a refuge for people suffering from tuberculosis. Due to the immense amount of deaths that took place here, a tunnel was built to get the dead out. It is aptly called "The Death Tunnel."

Around 63,000 patient and employee deaths occurred at the hospital, some could be explained and others were very strange. The multitude of deaths leaves this structure and the grounds surrounding it ripe with paranormal activity.

Louisiana: Hotel Monteleone, New Orleans

Many famous Southern writers, such as, Ernest Hemingway, Tennessee Williams, and William Faulkner made it a point to find their way to The Hotel Monteleone any time they were in town.

This historic hotel has long been a hub of activity, some living, some not. Several playful spirits will open a locked door in the restaurant and make the elevator stop on the wrong floor.

I have had a drink at the Carousel Bar, which is an actual rotating carousel inside this ornate hotel. I did not see anything peculiar, but then again, I didn't dare leave the bar.

Maine: Biddeford City Theatre in Biddeford

Originally an opera house, this theatre opened in the 1860s and burned to the ground in December of 1894. The structure was rebuilt more soundly and reopened two years later.

On October 30, 1904, Eva Gray, a famous singer, died backstage from heart failure. She is thought to be one of the ghosts haunting this theatre.

Patrons claim feeling as if they're being watching, they hear voices and odd noises, and the lights flicker without explanation.

Maryland: Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine in Baltimore

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During the Civil War, while Baltimore was occupied by Union soldiers, around 7,000 Confederate POWs were imprisoned at Fort McHenry.

Visitors to this National Park feel as though they are being watched and the disembodied voices of the POWs can still be heard coming from the dungeon area.

Massachusetts: Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast/Museum in Fall River

On August 4, 1892, Lizzie and her sister awoke to the tragic axe murder of their parents. Lizzie was later put on trial for the murders. She was acquitted in 1893, leaving this murder case unsolved to this day.

Full-bodied ghosts of the two sisters appear, as well as, the mist-like formation of the father where his body was found.

Michigan: Henderson Castle in Kalamazoo

Built in 1895 by Frank and Mary Henderson, this Queen Anne style mansion is nostalgically called "the Jewel of Kalamazoo." Frank died suddenly only four years after Henderson Castle was completed.

Spirits can be heard talking into visitors' ears, and the spirits of a dog and a little girl playfully roam the grounds. The name of a soldier that fought with the Hendersons' son in the Spanish-American War often writes his name, Clare, on foggy surfaces.

Minnesota: Forepaugh's Restaurant, St. Paul

The setting of a sordid love affair between Joseph Forepaugh and his maid, Molly. Forepaugh shot himself after his wife discovered them in a compromising position. Molly then hung herself in one of the upstairs bedrooms. It is rumored that she was pregnant.

Both spirits are said to walk the restaurant, but Molly's apparition is more mischievous. Her perfume percolates through the air, she often bangs on walls, and even causes drinking glasses to explode.

Mississippi: Lyric Theatre in Tupelo

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In the mid 1930s, an F5 tornado destroyed the town of Tupelo, and the Lyric Theatre was made into a makeshift hospital to accommodate the injured. Many victims of the tornado succumb to their injuries and still haunt the theater.

The most famous of these spirits is Antoine, who many have claimed to hear humming, walking around, and waggishly moving objects about.

Missouri: Missouri State Penitentiary, Jefferson City

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In the mid 1830s, the Missouri State Penitentiary was built in an effort to keep Jefferson City as the capitol of Missouri. The prison would later become famous for its ability to house and feed prisoners for under eleven cents a day.

Ghostly figures can be seen roaming the prison and rattling chains can be heard echoing down the halls. Many visitors feel as if they are being watched and some even report being touched by someone who isn't there.

Montana: Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art in Great Falls

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Paris Gibson Square was erected in 1896 and served as the Central High School and the Paris Gibson Junior High. Named for the founder of the town of Great Falls, Paris Gibson, this sandstone landmark was reopened as an art museum in 1977.

The ghosts of several of the children and adolescents that once went to school in this building still play in the halls of this historic treasure.

Nebraska: Nebraska State Capitol in Lincoln

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Believed to be built on a site deemed holy by Native Americans, several workers and visitors to the capitol building have fallen to their deaths. Many visitors become dizzy and feel as if they are falling from a great height as they ascend the stairs around the 12th floor.

Sounds of crying and other voice phenomena can be heard throughout the building, especially in the elevator.

Nevada: Mizpah Hotel in Tonopah

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Located in the mining town of Tonopah, this hotel often catered to the needs of the local miners. Built in 1907, several prostitutes and miners still roam the halls of this historic hotel.

The most famous of the prostitute apparitions is The Lady in Red. She often runs her fingers through men's hair or casually brushes up against them.

New Hampshire: Margaritas Mexican Restaurant in Concord

This local chain was built in what was formally the county jail and has even kept some of the jail cells for private dining. Reserve a table and dine with former inmates if you dare.

The most active of the ghosts, George, often moves glasses, throws food, and even drinks patrons' beverages.

New Jersey: The Devil's Tree in Bernards

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It is rumored that a man killed his whole family and then committed suicide by hanging himself from this tree. The tree is now claimed to be cursed and manages to stay warm year round, even in the winter, no snow can be found on or around the tree.

It is said that if you try to cut down this cursed tree your life will come to an untimely end. There are even several scars on the tree from people who tried to cut it down, but, instead, met their own demise.

New Mexico: KiMo Theatre in Albuquerque

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The original owner, Oreste Bachechi, realized his dream of opening a Pueblo Deco designed theatre in 1927. Sadly, he died only one year later, passing his legacy on to his sons.

This unique structure is haunted by a young boy who died tragically in a boiler explosion in 1951. He is known to frequently play on the staircase in the lobby, and he also plays tricks on patrons and employees.

His most devious ventures are of disrupting entertainers while they are performing, the only way to prevent this sort of ruckus is to hang doughnuts on the water pipes behind the stage.

New York: The Dakota in New York City

The site of John Lennon's heartbreaking murder, The Dakota, has a sordid history that predates this tragic event. Built in the 1880s, this haunted apartment building notoriously caters to several entities.

An apparition of a little girl plays in the foyer, heavy shovels and other debris have been known to fly through the air narrowly missing residents in the basement, and even John Lennon himself still visits his love, Yoko Ono.

North Carolina: The Biltmore Estate, Asheville

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This magnificent home was built by George Vanderbilt. Complete with vast lawns and ornate architectural details, this estate became the main house of the Vanderbilt family. When George died suddenly in the 1910s, his wife, Edith, was distraught.

Many tourists to the mansion can still hear George and Edith laughing near the marble fireplace. Sightings of a headless cat apparition can be seeing frolicking in the yard and throughout the manor.

North Dakota: The Children's Museum at Yunker Farm in Fargo

Originally owned by the Whitman family in 1876, this farmhouse was sold to the Yunker family in 1905. This museum is thought to be haunted by one of the Yunker children, Elizabeth.

She can be seen as a full bodied apparition in daylight or roaming around outside. She often presses the buttons on the elevator causing it to go from floor to floor seemingly by its own accord.

Ohio: Ohio State Reformatory in Mansfield

Originally built in the late 1890s, this reformatory school for adolescent criminals is the setting of several violent incidents, including several inmates who set themselves on fire to escape their harsh living conditions.

Most notorious for its role in The Shawshank Redemption (1995), this haunted prison entices visitors with unexplained noises and visible apparitions.

Oklahoma: Stone Lion Inn Bed and Breakfast in Guthrie

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Built in 1907 by F. E. Houghton, the Houghton family would enjoy several years of happiness before the tragic death of one of the Houghton daughters, Augusta. The maid mistakenly gave Augusta a lethal amount of cough syrup while she was sick.

The house later became a funeral parlor before it was established an inn in 1986. Several entities roam the house, including Augusta, who enjoys pulling guests' toes before crawling into bed with them in the middle of the night.

Oregon: The Geiser Grand Hotel in Baker City

The impressive clock tower isn't the only thing to stand the test of time in this historic hotel. This Italian Renaissance inspired landmark dates back to 1889 and still houses its most famous resident, The Lady in Blue. She can be seen climbing the staircase or pinching men who sit on her barstool.

There are several spirits here, and their lively banter of clinking glasses, footsteps, and disembodied voices can be heard throughout the hotel.

Pennsylvania: The King George II Inn, Bristol

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Named the oldest continuously operating inn and one of the oldest buildings in the States, this haunted hotspot was opened in 1681.

Patrons' claim to see pictures fly off the wall, an apparition of a dancing ghost in a top hat, and spirits are felt rushing by them on the stairs as if they are in a hurry.

Rhode Island: Belcourt Castle in Newport

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Oliver Hazard Perry Belmont had this estate built for him in the 1890s to house his plethora of collectibles and himself. Belcourt Castle is not haunted by its originally owner, but it is instead haunted by spirits who have attached themselves to Belmont's collectables.

Tourists to the castle report feeling uneasy while standing next to chairs, hearing a suit of armor scream, and feel ghosts trying to hold their hands.

South Carolina: Salem Black River Presbyterian Church in Sumter

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Built in the late 1840s, and thought to be one of the first brick churches in South Carolina, visitors are said to feel an ominous weight in the air around this church.

The story is that a priest lost his family to the bubonic plague, eventually succumbed to grief, and denounced God. He began performing Satanic rituals. The priest and his family still haunt the church and the two cemeteries located on the property.

South Dakota: Bullock Hotel in Deadwood

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This historic hotel was built in the late 1890s by Seth Bullock, Deadwood's first sheriff.

Bullock decided to build a restaurant and hotel over his hardware store, proud of his accomplishments, he still watches over his formerly owned properties to this day.

Other apparitions can be found floating around the hotel. In the restaurant the piano plays without a musician and glassware often flies through the air without reason.

Tennessee: Millennium Manor in Alcoa

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William and Fair Nicholson began building their house in 1938, with the belief that the end times were right around the corner. They continued to build their house until their deaths, William in 1950 and Fair in 1965.

The solidly sound structure is composed of marble and is said to be haunted by this determined duo. They can still be sensed clicking away at their fortress by candlelight.

Texas: La Carafe, Houston

Believed to be the oldest bar in Houston, La Carafe has become a creepy place to grab a glass of wine after work. Centrally located in downtown, this bar first opened as a bakery in 1860.

Sightings of a lady in white who pushes women down the stairs, bottles flying off of the shelves, and an African American man residing upstairs are just a few tales of this tavern's residual haunts.

Utah: The Rio Grande Train Depot in Salt Lake City

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This haunted train depot was originally constructed in 1910 and was fully operational until 1947. It is currently home to the Utah State Historical Society.

The most famous of the spirits, the Purple Lady, is often seen around the café. She had jumped on to the tracks to retrieve her engagement ring, after her fiancé had thrown it on the tracks during a quarrel. She was struck by a train and killed.

Ghost parties are often thrown in the cellar and there is man, rumored to be the fiancé, who wanders the lobby.

Vermont: Gold Brook Bridge in Stowe

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Nicknamed Emily's Bridge, after the woman who took her own life by hanging herself on the bridge. The reason why she killed herself is clouded by history, but the basic summary is that she was engaged to a man who stood her up.

Visitors to the haunted bridge report everything from scratches appearing on their car without reason, bloodcurdling screaming, the sound of rope tightening, and dragging sounds on the roofs of cars as people drive through the bridge.

Virginia: Henricus Historical Park in Chester

The land where Henricus Historical Park now resides was originally owned by several Native American tribes, some even dating back to 10,000 years ago. Native American spirits can still be heard playing their ceremonial drums.

During the American Civil Way, this land was often the site of conflict. Several battles took place here, leaving the land riddled with restless American Civil War spirits.

Washington: Oxford Saloon in Snohomish

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Originally known as Blackman's Dry Goods Store in 1900, it later became the Oxford Saloon which had a brothel on the second floor that catered to high class clientele. Several violent incidents taint this saloon's history, including the brutal murder of a policeman who now haunts the ladies' room.

A man and two women, remnants of this saloon's more sinister days, haunt the upstairs in what is now office space. Strange noises, voices, and visions of apparitions occur on both the first and second floor of this spirited bar.

West Virginia: The Blennerhassett Hotel in Parkersburg

There doesn't seem to be a concrete story behind the hauntings in this historic hotel, other than its location at the mouth of the Little Kanawha River, known as the River of Evil Spirits by local Native Americans.

From a dapper gentleman in a grey suit smoking a cigar, to child apparitions playing games in the halls, to a spirited party that never seems to end in the Charleston Ballroom, this lively hotel will surely lift your spirits.

Wisconsin: The Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee

The Pfister Hotel opened its doors in 1893. Built by Guido Pfister and his son, this historic hotel brought their dream of a luxury hotel that could house their collection of Victorian Art to fruition.

With several accounts of paranormal activity by famous sports players, such as, Adrian Beltre who investigated a strange knocking only to find no logical explanation for it, and, Carlos Gomez, who had his iPod vibrate uncontrollably and heard strange disembodied voices, this hotel is full of things that go bump in the night.

Wyoming: Irma Hotel in Cody

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The town of Cody was established by William F. Cody, also known as, Buffalo Bill Cody. Cody built the Irma Hotel and named it after his youngest daughter in 1902. He later lost this hotel to his ex-wife in their divorce settlement.

Irma herself likes to check on guests and ensure that they are having a great stay at the hotel, while her father keeps a meticulous eye on the staff.

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