What Happens When the Irish Try American Pies for the First Time?

If you told an Irish person to describe American pie, you'd probably get a summary of the movie released in 1999, which introduced English speakers to the unforgettable acronym: MILF. However, you'd have to have to stop the Irishman in his tracks and remind them that, no, American pie is actually something edible.

In fact, it is one of the most popular traditional desserts on the North American continent, and probably something they have yet to try.

So would an Irish person's reaction to trying an American pie for the first time be? Well, YouTube channel Facts. tested the response to four different flavors of pie. And the reactions were expectedly unexpected.

Pumpkin Pie

Every American knows that pumpkin pie and Thanksgiving go together like white on rice. Even those who aren't the biggest fan of the flavor will eat it on the third Thursday of November because it's tradition.

Ireland, on the other hand, does not have a longstanding tradition of eating pumpkin flavored anything. The uncertainty on the faces of the taste testers is telltale of their hesitation to sample a traditional fall staple for Americans.

However, after the first bite of creamy pumpkin in a crispy crust, everyone changed their mind. I guess us Americans started a good tradition after all. Find a recipe here.

Key Lime Pie

Miniature limes that are found all over the Florida keys and are so sour that you need to bathe them in sweetened condensed milk to make them palatable lent their name to this now-famous pie.

Even though the origins of the recipe are odd, the result of this cream-based, tangy custard in a graham cracker shell is universally loved. Even the newly exposed Irish taste testers couldn't get enough of this unique melding of flavors. Find a recipe here.

Banana Cream Pie

If you haven't had it, bananas in a pie may sound odd. To those who grew up in the South, and know the flavor well, it probably sounds like something your grandmother would serve. To the Irish, however, the idea of making a pie out of bananas sounds potentially like a very bad idea.

Once they took their first bite though, the accurately described "gloopy" texture won them over. Find a recipe here.

Mississippi Mud Pie

This post-WWII creation was baked out of necessity, but no one can argue that this pie was not a stroke of genius on the part of penny-pinching housewives. Home cooks layered simple ingredients on top of one another to create a depth of chocolate that only the longest tines of a fork could penetrate.

Even the three Irish guinea pigs agreed that this pie was a phenomenal explosion of flavor that they couldn't get enough of. Find the recipe here.

And as the lovely woman in the video says, "Would you like to know anything else? Leave me alone with my pie!"

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