The 6 Simple Hangover Cures That Actually Work After a Long Night Out

New Year's Eve has nothing on the first Friday afternoon when the weather turns beautiful. When patio and rosé weather hits, it's a party from 12 to 12. The only thing that hinders a good time is thinking about the hangover the next day. Never fear, though, because we've got your game plan to avoid a rough morning after.

One easy way to combat a hangover is to eat while you're drinking. Be specific about it though. Chips and guacamole will actually help prevent a hangover. Well, the avocado will. Drinking depletes the body of  potassium, and avocados help put it back. Keeping your body full of what it needs helps it recover quicker. Here are more tips for a healthy morning after. 

1. Life Support


Researchers at Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization suggest you start fighting a hangover before you start drinking. Life Support makes it easy to do just that. Life Support is a hangover recovery shot that actually works!

The formula is made with a powerful combination of vitamins, antioxidants and Life Support's flagship ingredient Hovenia Dulcis, or Japanese Raisin Tree Fruit, which has been shown to increase the liver's metabolization rate of alcohol - preventing hangover symptoms from starting or relieving them once they've occurred.

Find a pack of four for just $19.95 here. Just chug a shot before you start your night. In the morning, down one that is enhanced caffeine to give you some pep in your step, too.

2. Go Bananas

Banana toast for days ?? simple pb, yogurt, maple syrup and sliced bananas in variation ?

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Bananas are super high in  potassium. That's the stuff you'll need to recover from electrolyte depleting alcohol and morning-after nausea.

Potassium also helps to relieve headaches, another common hangover symptom. 

3. Keep Drinking

Alcohol is a diuretic, which means you'll be spending a lot of time in the bathroom on your night out.  You're not just getting rid of beer.

You're eliminating water from your body, the thing that keeps you hydrated and, well, sober. So, for every beer or cocktail, opt for two glasses of water.

4. Eat an Egg-cellent Breakfast

Eggs are amazing. They are full of protein and loaded with vitamins and minerals. One egg boasts almost 30 percent of your daily value of vitamin B12 ad they are easy to digest and gentle on your morning-after stomach.

They help to rid the body of toxins and are the perfect breakfast after a night of drinking. 

5. Ginger Everything

Ginger Brew tastes good with anything & everything ?#MaineRoot @beetjar

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If you're prone to upset stomachs before, during and after drinking, then ginger is your new best friend. There's a reason your mom fed you ginger ale when you were a sick as a kid.

Ginger contains anti-inflammatory compounds that will help to reduce acid build-up in your stomach to prevent nausea.  Nibble some pickled ginger in between drinks or sip some ginger tea when you get home and before bed. 

6. Chug Some Gatorade

Play hard. Fuel. Play harder.

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Yes, it really does work.  Gatorade and other sports drinks are full of electrolytes that help balance fluids in your body.

They help rehydrate you and relieve signs of dehydration.

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