The Cheapest Day to Buy Halloween Candy + the 5 Best Trick-or-Treating States

Halloween is a warm-up for the holiday season for kids everywhere, and though we love our adult Halloween cocktails, the fact of the matter is that children in every part of the country will be knocking on doors on October 31 looking for those treats. If you've always wondered what the best day to buy Halloween candy is, and which state are actually the best for trick-or-treating based on candy sales, Ibotta is answering that question for you.

In this handy infographic, Ibotta pulls together information from its shopping app where customers can earn cash back on groceries, clothing, beauty products, and more. The company analyzed 150,000 receipts on an item level from the week before Halloween 2015 and Halloween 2016. What they found was fascinating. Did you know Americans spend an average of $16.45 per person on Halloween candy?


As it turns out, October 27 is the best day to buy candy based on the historical data when the average cost is just $1.94 per unit, or bag of candy. On October 30, the median price rose to $2.75, so if you are waiting to stock up before the trick-or-treating happens, try to plan ahead to save some cash this year.

Oregonians in the Pacific Northwest spend the most on Halloween candy than any other states. Oregonians, per Ibotta, spend about $40.29 on average. Washington, New Jersey, Utah, and California round out the top five list for the best places to be a trick-or-treater in the country. Ohio only spends about $11.22 on average per person as the worst state to go trick-or-treating, while Georgia, Michigan, Alabama, and Colorado.

Which candy did Oregonians most give children? It seems that 3 Musketeers was the top choice, while Washington sticks with 100 Grand Bars. Snickers dominate New Jersey, while Butterfinger was most popular in Utah. Snickers Crisper Bars were most often found in California.

As for oral care, the Northeast (and one Southern state!) clearly understands the importance of good hygiene. Vermont, Maine, Arkansas, New York, and Maryland led the nation in average sales of oral care products like toothpaste, mouthwash, and dental floss. Delaware, West Virginia, and Wyoming were at the bottom of the oral care product sales list.

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