The Best Fall Candles & Decor That Make Homes Smell Delicious (And Feel Spooky)

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Slow down Christmas candles, it's not your turn yet. We're excited about gingerbread and sugar cookie candles, but it's the time of the year for lighting autumn-scented candles and Halloween candles.

Now, don't feel pressured to put out the giant inflatable Halloween decor if it's not your style, but feel free to place some pumpkin spice and spooky candles around the house to get you in the fall and Halloween spirit. Here are seven candles and decor pieces for Halloween fanatics, and of course, pumpkin lovers.

Best Halloween Candles

Best Pumpkin-Scented Candle

1. Yankee Candle Large Jar Candle Spiced Pumpkin

halloween candle

Is it even fall if you don't have a pumpkin candle? This bestseller is a must-have for those who love fall. Light this candle after cleaning, before a bubble bath, or anytime you get a craving for pumpkin!

I can't wait to turn on Hocus Pocus and smell this candle.

Best Spooky Candle

2. Yankee Candle Large 2016 Limited Edition BLACK MAGIC Jar Candle for Halloween

halloween candle

Fall candles don't always mean pumpkin spice. If you're not a fan of trending sweet candles (and want a black candle for the spooky home decor aesthetic), consider this black magic-scented candle.

This Amazon customer gave it five stars and said it smells like leather and smoke.

halloween candle review

Also consider: Yankee Candle's Enchanted Moon & Witches' Brew candles.

Best Sweet-Scented Candle

3. Candy Corn, Handpoured Soy Candle Jar, Made in The USA, 12 oz Jar Candle

halloween candle

If you have a sweet tooth, this is the soy wax candle for your home, especially if you love candy corn. I'm not a huge fan of candy corn, but I do think I would love this scent still.

Best Battery Operated Options & Candle Holders

Best Tealight Set

4. Homemory 12 Pack Small Pumpkin Tea Lights, Battery Operated LED Tealight Candles, Flilckering Amber Yellow Lights, Special for Halloween, Holiday, Theme Parties

halloween candle

Consider LED candles for decorating ideas. This unscented candle set gives the feel of candles, just without a real flame. The flameless candle will look great as a centerpiece at a Halloween party.

Best Candle Holders

5. Boston International Halloween Taper Candle Holders, Set of 2, 3 x 8-Inches, Skeleton Hands

halloween candles

These Halloween candle holders win Halloween. Sorry, but these are just too perfect! The skeleton candles are fantastic Halloween decorations for the living room coffee table (or office cubicle). Your guests will love them.

Best Centerpiece

6. Gallerie II 4" Glittered Skull Head Halloween Taper Candle Holder - Silver/Black

halloween candle

This skull candle holder is everything. Of course, you can find it at Target. Target has the cutest Halloween decor (right next to Hobby Lobby and Jo-Ann's.) I seriously can't go in there and not spend less than $100 on decor.

Best Candle Topper

7. Yankee Candle Halloween Flickering Ghoulie Ghosts Jar Shade Candle Topper

halloween candles

Place this creepy candle topper over your pillar candles or jar candles for the ultimate ghost candle. Watch the ghoulie ghosts come to life when you light your favorite marshmallow-scented candle.

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This post was originally published on August 27, 2021.

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