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The Hallmark Christmas Movie Drinking Game Was Made for Holiday Spirits


Nothing says the holiday season like settling in and watching a Hallmark Christmas movie as you wrap presents or start prepping the turkey. There's just something about Hallmark movies that share the true meaning of Christmas time, whether it's set in the big city or a small farm town. However, not all love those delightfully cheesy Hallmark movies so how do you manage to get the family to watch it with you? Well, for those over 21, one woman and her husband created the perfect holiday game that'll have the whole family in stitches. Meet the Hallmark Christmas movie drinking game.

The new Christmas movies can be watched and streamed on the Hallmark channel and will be airing from now until the holidays. Make your stay-at-home Christmas party festive and in the holiday spirit mood with this fun game. You can even translate it to some of the new Netflix Christmas movies! It's a Merry Christmas when the romantic leads help countdown to Christmas.

How To Play The Hallmark Christmas Movie Drinking Game

As Brittany Graves of Texas posted on her Facebook page last December, she wrote: "We invented a drinking game that works with any of them! My hubby actually watches with me now lol." The game itself is intricate, with plenty of double drinks for the most Hallmark moments you could imagine, like a 'near-miss' kiss.


So how do you play this creative drinking game? Well, we recommend whipping up your  favorite big batch cocktail that's light enough to enjoy on a night at home and donning a cozy pair of socks. And now, for the holiday movie rules, per Brittany's list.

Take a drink if...

  • Reference to a dead relative

  • Main character's name is related to Christmas (Holly, Nick, etc.)

  • Any time someone disses fake Christmas trees

  • A newcomer partakes in old family or town tradition

  • Hot chocolate, apple cider, egg nog is on screen

  • A big city person transplanted to small town

  • Christmas caroling, tree farm, or baking cookies appears

  • Mistletoe is on-screen 

  • A character makes a magic deal with Santa or an angel

  • Any time you hear "Jingle Bells"

Take two drinks if...

  • Characters experience a 'near-miss' kiss

  • Obvious product advertisement appears

  • Snowball fight or ice skating happens

  • An ugly sweater or tie appears on-screen

  • Characters are snowed in

Finish your drink if...

  • The cynic  is filled with Christmas spirit

  • It snows on Christmas

Take a shot if...

  • The movie stars Candace Cameron Buré or Lacy Chabert

People Magazine also created their own version of the game

See the rules as follows:

Take a drink if...

  • The camera pans over the New York City or Los Angeles skyline.
  • The lead actress' character is named Eve, Holly, Joy or Noel. Two sips if her last name is Claus or Kringle.
  • The main character works as a journalist, baker or corporate businesswoman. Two sips if any of those are a family business. Three sips if that company is being threatened in any way by a large corporation.
  • The leading lady is heading to a small town on assignment during the holidays. Two sips if it's her hometown. Take a shot if she's also up for promotion. (This project will make or break her career!)
  • The star has a Grinch-like boss who "Doesn't get the holidays."
  • A character has a dead parent. Drink whenever the late parent is mentioned.
  • The protagonist is reminded of how much they used to love the holidays as a kid.
  • The leading lady is dating a businessman who spends more time on his phone than with her.
  • Two sips if they're engaged. Take a sip everytime she wonders if she's in the right relationship.
  • Someone enters a baking competition. Drink whenever the competition is mentioned in conversation.
  • Anyone goes holiday shopping or ice skating, drinks hot chocolate, bakes Christmas cookies, takes a sleigh ride or sings a Christmas carol (one sip every time any of those actions occurs).
  • Someone goes shopping for a Christmas tree. Take another sip if they also decorate it.
  • Anyone attends a Christmas lighting, festival or concert. Drink anytime any of the three events are mentioned. Take a shot if there is a last-minute change to any of the plans.
  • Royalty is involved.
  • The leading lady squabbles with a man she will clearly fall for in the end.
  • A couple slow dances. Two sips if they dance to a Christmas song.
  • There's an almost-first kiss. Take a shot when the first kiss finally happens. Finish your drink if the kiss happens in the snow.
  • There's a holiday wedding or engagement (drink once for each).
    Someone goes on a winter getaway. Two sips if they get stranded during their holiday trip.
  • Santa is disguised as a common person.
  • Anyone suggests New Year's Eve plans.
  • The star ends up moving back to their hometown.
  • The small business defeats corporate greed, finish your drink.
  • The leading lady reconnects with a former boyfriend. Finish your drink if she leaves her businessman boyfriend/fiancé for him or a man she met during her holiday travels.

Whether or not Hallmark holiday movies are your favorite, you can't deny how witty and fun this list is of things to look out for. Even if you aren't a big drinker, you can still play a version of this game by awarding points to the first person to spot something on the list.

Personally, we would add two rules to this already great Christmas drinking game. You should finish your drink if there are love triangles in the script or if the female lead character must decide between a well-to-do Mr. Wrong and a more down-home, genuine Mr. Right.


Will you be playing this game this year?

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