H-E-B Announces Recall of Chicken Product at 114 Stores

H-E-B announced a recall of diced chicken that was sold at 114 of its stores. Based in San Antonio, the grocer sold a batch of Mi Tienda Pollo Casero that was labeled incorrectly as Mi Tienda Al Pastor Pork. This matters to consumers because, per the Austin American-Statesman, the packages do not declare wheat as an ingredient and can be risky to those with wheat allergies in particular.

If you recently purchased Mi Tienda Pollo Casero with a UPC of 23841700000, a sell-by date of October 12, and an item code of 364185, you can return it to any H-E-B for a refund.

If you'd like to learn more information about the recall, phone H-E-B at (855) 432-4438 to reach customer service.

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