H-E-B Freezers Will Carry This Classic Luby’s Dish

One of Luby's iconic offerings is making its way to the grocery aisle of every Texan's favorite store, courtesy of H-E-B. The company announced Feb. 20 it would begin selling a freezer-aisle version of Luby's "Square Fish" fried fish filets, the Houston Chronicle reports.

A family portion that comfortably feeds four will be available for $7.95. You can always count on Luby's for affordable meals that don't skimp on flavor.

Luby's Square Fish is actually the second partnership between the two Texas-born and -based brands.

In late 2016, H-E-B began selling Luby's famous macaroni and cheese, albeit a frozen version.

Are you excited to see Luby's in your local H-E-B? We know it'll be in our grocery cart soon!

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