Guy's Ranch Kitchen is Full of Food and Friends

Guy Fieri is known for his big flavors and even bigger personality, which he brings to all that he does. Whether he's exploring a hole-in-the-wall restaurant in the middle of nowhere or preparing a gourmet feast, he puts his own unconventional twist on the experience. The TV show Guy's Ranch Kitchen is yet another arena where we get to see Guy Fieri in his element, cooking up delicious dishes with his chef friends.

Guy Fieri has a number of cooking shows, from Guy's Grocery Games to Diners, Drive-ins and Dives to Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-off. Guy's Ranch Kitchen is considered one of the most "chill" shows that Guy Fieri hosts, involving Guy Fieri and his friends making delectable meals and hanging out.

What Chefs Have Been On Guy's Ranch Kitchen?

Guy Fieri Cooking With Alex Guarnaschelli
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There are five seasons of Guy's Ranch Kitchen, starting in 2017 with "Holiday at the Ranch," when Guy Fieri hosted his favorite chef friends at his ranch to make holiday dishes. The friends he hosted were Justin Warner, Rocco DiSpirito, Marc Murphy and Jonathan Waxman, each of whom made a delectable feast. Some other celebrity chefs featured on the show are Christian Petroni, Eric Greenspan, Alex Guarnaschelli, Michael Voltaggio, Aaron May, Maneet Chauhan and Carl Ruiz.

The show is hosted at Fieri's giant porch-kitchen at his estate in Santa Rosa, California, where he has a wood-burning oven and a fancy grill. Many dishes include veggies and herbs that are grown directly on Fieri's compound, adding an element of freshness to the experience.

In Guy's Ranch Kitchen, his talented chef friends do their best to outdo each other as they cook and bake creative and exotic dishes that match the theme of the episode. When an episode coincides with a holiday, Fieri and his friends have fun with it, whether that involves spooky Halloween pizzas or Dungeness crab for Friendsgiving. In the "Christmas at the Ranch" episode there was a roasted goose with blood orange sauce, and the "Cheese Please" episode involved an Egyptian spinach pie by Aarti Sequeira.

Although Guy doesn't cook any of the dishes, he does lots of tasting, whether the episode involves Asian fusion, tacos, or healthy comfort food. The first two seasons can be found on Amazon for $10 each, and the show also airs on Saturdays at 12:30. You can learn more at

Most Recent TV Episodes

Guy Fieri Cooking With Brooke Shields
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Episode 1 of season 5 was recently on TV, "Layering It On." In this episode, the goal is to "layer on the flavor," and Aarti Sequeira begins by making an Indian Bombay Frankie and Armenian Pizza. Rocco DiSpirito then makes a Ten-layer Lasagna Bolognese. Some other recently aired episodes were "Holiday Table Refresher," focused on holiday fare, and "Thanksgiving Melting Pot."

The last two episodes of season 5 have yet to air, and will be coming out in early 2022. "Mediterranean Brunch" will air on January 1st, and will involve Traci Des Jardins, Michael Voltaggio, Antonia Lofaso, and Marc Murphy making tasty Mediterranean dishes. As for the last episode of the season, Guy and his friends will be making food out of root vegetables, like crispy Yucca Fries and Carrot Ginger mules. Guy Fieri fans can't wait to watch!

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