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Dress Like Guy Fieri with This Easy DIY Costume


The best part of Halloween is the costumes, right? Right! We can already predict Squid Games will be a huge costume this year as well as trending pop culture references such as Bernie Sanders sitting in a chair. When it comes to costume ideas, simple and recognizable Halloween costumes are best. And what other celebrity chef is more recognizable than Food Network Star Guy Fieri, aka the mayor of Flavortown? Yup, today we are putting together a Guy Fieri costume fit for Halloween and cosplays.

How Do I Dress Like Guy Fieri?

The quintessential Guy Fieri Halloween costume consists of the following: a bowling shirt, goatee, and blonde hair. Most of the items can be found easily on Amazon, which makes this a great last-minute costume to put together for that Halloween party you forgot about.

Everything You Need to Make a Guy Fieri Costume

Flames Button-Up Shirt


It's not an episode of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives without the bowler shirt! These flame shirts are the perfect touch to the restaurateur costume.

Cargo Shorts


You gotta wear them on the back of your head.

Chef Wig and Goatee

The blonde wig and goatee are included in this set that looks just like the Food Network star.

Silver Chain


You ever see how much bling Fieri wears?


Can I Make it Sexy?

Yes! It's Halloween, so anything can be sexy! Swap out the cargo shorts for a skirt and tights. You'll be a sexy Guy Fieri in no time. Make it a couple's costume by having your partner dress up as a tasty hamburger.

You can also do your make up like RawBeautyKristi, to make the transformation complete.

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