Music Festival Participant Buries Vodka, Retrieves It for Festival

It's hard not to love music festivals. What with the dozens of bands playing in a simultaneous cacophony, realizing that you have a newfound ability to survive off of less sleep than you did in college, and eating nothing but food truck food for 72 hours, you know you're bound to make a memory or two over the weekend.

One thing that is not to love, however, are the drink prices. It is essentially grand larceny that a vodka tonic should cost $15. Not only that, but it is an insult that you should have to wait half an hour  to pay the hefty price tag. It's almost enough to put you off.

So what do you do? Obviously, you can't simply waltz into a music festival with your own booze. Well, a man named Alex Diamond may have devised a revolutionary solution revolutionized the covert-booze game.

In preparation for New York City's Electric Zoo, Diamond came to the festival site three weeks in advance with a Nalgene bottle full of vodka. He carefully wrapped the bottle up in a plastic bag for preservation and then buried it. Of course, he marked the spot with a digital X; a pin on his Google Maps.

Weeks later, when Diamon attended the September 2 festival, he returned to his buried treasure. Hoping against hope that no one had discovered his booty, Diamond began digging. Thankfully, everything was how he left it, and under the soil lay his precious Nalgene bottle.

Of course, now that the cat is out of the bag there are no guarantees that this trick is going to work in the long term. However, while the festival authorities are just beginning to wise up to this newest booze effort, now is the opportune time to give the trick a shot.

If nothing else, it will make for a fun festival activity as you weave in and out of crowds to geo-cache your hidden liquor.

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