Can You Guess the New Mystery Oreos Flavor?

America's beloved cookie company hit the ground running in the past year with a smattering of creative new Oreo flavors. From Waffles & Syrup to Firework Oreos, we couldn't wait to see what was coming out of the Oreo flavors kitchen. Cookie Butter Oreos flew off shelves, Swedish Fish Oreos made waves, and of course autumn saw the release of Pumpkin Spice Oreos. Now, Oreo is ready to trick us all. Meet Mystery Oreos, and if you and your taste buds guess the flavor correctly, you could win big.

The sneaky white package of these Mystery Oreos was first spotted from Instagram user thejunkfoodaisle in August with a little mystery. The Limited Edition Mystery Oreos are part of a contest from the brand. If you guess the flavor correctly, you could win the $50,000 Grand Prize or win $10,000 in a First Prize winning pool.

So far, the Mystery Oreos have been spotted a WinCo, Walmart, and Target, which is much different from the typical release pattern. Normally, Oreos will debut unique flavors at one store brand only, leaving shoppers to find it themselves. Additionally, if you can't wait any longer, simply order them from Amazon because they're sold directly by Oreo.

We're not sure what the flavor is yet as the content is still running, but many social media comments point to a fruity flavor. Is this Oreo package reminiscent of the mystery Dum Dums or the all-white packaged Air Heads Mystery Flavor? Here's what one taste-tester had to say.

The mystery flavor creme filling is sandwiched between two chocolate cookies and many are relating the flavor to a longtime Oreo favorite, Fruity Crisp. Other guesses favor a cereal vibe, and suggest Fruity Pebbles or Fruit Loops as the flavor, but it seems like the guesses are still varied.

So will you be trying to win the Mystery Oreo contest? If you know the right answer, it's worth a shot. In the meantime, try our Homemade Blueberry Pie Oreos for home-grown fun in your own kitchen. They make the perfect snack to whip up with the kiddos or for a wine night in.

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