Grill on the Go with the Compact Una Portable Charcoal Grill

Imagine a charcoal grill you can take anywhere. Now imagine a charcoal grill that has a stylish modern design that fits your everyday grilling needs. What you've imagined is the Una portable charcoal grill. Its sleek compact design is unmatched by any grill out there. Allowing you to grill anywhere you go, Una is the portable charcoal grill we've been waiting for.

The portable table top charcoal grill weighs in at 8.2 pounds and measures a foot and a half long. Although compact, its clever construction features all the amenities one would want in a grill - including easy storage. Una comes equipped with a leather carrying strap, stainless steel cooking grate, stainless steal charcoal grate, stainless steal ash collector, a high temperature casing, and a lid that doubles as a stand, all in one easy to carry design.

Kickstarter: Una

Una's simple setup means you can get down to cooking. The lid that doubles as a stand offers two grill heights, along with protecting from surface burns. In fact, it was a surface burn that sparked Una's creation. After founder Sherif Soubra's father's DIY grill lead to a scorched table, the family set out to create a grill that was not only portable, but would prevent further burns. Una was the answer.

Whether you're cooking burgers, dogs, fish, veggies, or skewers, this portable grill does it all. The cooking grate has a flat surface on one side and skewer holders on the other. Simply flip the grate according to your grilling needs.

Kickstarter: Una

While most portable grills require propane, Una lets you have the delicious flavor of charcoal grilling you want. And unlike its competition, it's dishwasher safe, making it even easier to clean. If only all portable grills were this way.

With a nifty leather handle for carrying, Una goes where you go. Whether your having a picnic in the park, grilling on the balcony, or camping, Una suites your needs. It also suits your lifestyle. The Una portable grill is available in five fresh colors (pastel blue, cream white, strawberry red, graphite grey, and mint turquoise) that match your taste preference.

For those eager to get their hands on Una, keep an eye out on their website. The team from the Netherlands has reached their crowdfunding goal on Kickstarter and is looking forward to scaling up their production. Una meaning one is the grill for everyone, and the team is looking forward to getting their product into your hands.

For the on-the-go grillmasters that want it all, Una is the answer.

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