GreenTraveler's All-in-One Food Storage is the Only To-Go Container You Need

When you're prepping for your outdoor adventure, lugging around good food in a picnic basket isn't exactly ideal. However, munching on Cliff bars and dehydrated meals that fit snuggly into your pack don't always sound appetizing. That's where the GreenTraveler comes into play. Whether you're a foodie or adventure traveler who wants something a bit more savory on your excursion, the GreenTraveler is the innovative travel-friendly container designed to fit your needs.

The GreenTraveler's compact water bottle design has all the compartments necessary to easily transport food items - and then some. The waste-free portable container contains six leak free compartments which include two spacious compartments with flat bottoms, two cups with grip texture and secure lids, and even a space to store vitamins.

The container is also dishwasher safe, freezer safe, microwavable, and food safe. Best yet, the plastic is BPA-free and phthalate free!

Ordinary tupperware can leach chemicals into your food. Not the GreenTraveler. The makers of this reusable container had an eco-friendly mind when creating this product. You can carry food with ease of mind knowing the plastic chemical phthalates won't make their way into your meal.

Traveling around with separate containers that have inconvenient shapes can be a hassle - not to mention expensive. To obtain all the features of the GreenTraveler, you would have to spend $74 or more in to-go food storage. For $49.99, you can have this compact food container that carries what you want, where you want it.

Empty, the Green Traveler weighs 1.138 pounds and is 13.5"x3.5" in size. Don't have extra room in your pack for that? No worries, the GreenTraveler has you covered. The carabiner loops allow you to clip the container to the outside of your pack - or belt loop. That means more room for storage inside your pack while leaving you hands free on your hike.

When you're not hitting the trails, the GreenTraveler is the primary container of choice with its travel-friendly features that store food - along with other supplies. Commuters, fishermen, students, and more can all benefit from its convenient design. While tupperware can be bulky and prone to leaks, the GreenTraveler easily transports food. It simplifies your life by consolidating your daily items into one sleek container.

Thanks to the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, the GreenTraveler team has taken this product from concept to reality. You can purchase this great product on the GreenTraveler website. While the original GreenTraveler was only offered in one color, buyers now have a variety of options. Green, purple, orange, blue, black or grey, this product fits your lifestyle and budget.

The GreenTraveler is the to-go container designed for adventure seekers, travelers, and the average commuter. If you're anywhere on the go, GreenTraveler is there for you.

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