The History of Tailgating at Lambeau Field with the Green Bay Packers

Tailgating is the tradition we've been taught to love since our youngest selves can remember. It's what brings people together over a common interest, something that can unite those from different walks of life in seconds over a hot dog. It's an event that happens worldwide for a multitude of sports, and is heavily directed to football in America. There might not be a fan base more dedicated than the Green Bay Packers when tailgating at Lambeau Field.

Whether it's college football or an NFL game, tailgating and tailgating parties prevails through thick and thin; through desert-like and blizzard-esque conditions; through it all. It's hard to say one team's fan-base does tailgating better than any other, but there is a such thing as tradition and history when it comes to tailgating, and that's something the Green Bay Packers fans haven't forgotten.

Green Bay Packers

The Green Bay Packers have long been a team of the fans, and that rings true to the day one of their existence in 1919. Back then the team was made up of Indian Packing Company's employees, high school students and college athletes. At first, the team's name was that of the Indian Packing Company, as they hadn't yet been acquired by Acme packing company out of Illinois.

The fans of the team attended the team's first practices and games ready to be entertained, and they came prepared. Stocked to the brim with food and beverages, fans "packed" onto the sidelines, conversing over the game and real-world banter while the team played on.

It wasn't until 1921 when Acme Packing Company acquired Indian Packing Company, and thus the Acme Packing Company Packers of Green Bay were born, and to be added to the National Football League soon thereafter.

Throughout the years, the Packers had seen highs and lows, yet the fans remained by their side, even offering up cash when the team's money pile got low. It's the little symbols of family-like interactions that set the team, which are now known as the Green Bay Packers, apart.

It's in this time-honored tradition of putting family first that have created the tailgating known today at Lambeau Field; tailgating that will forever remain indebted to the fans.

If you ever find yourself so lucky as to score a ticket or two to a home Packers game, or are anywhere relatively close to Green Bay, you don't want to miss out on their continued tailgating tradition.

Brett Favre has a restaurant two blocks from the stadium that offers an official game day tailgate for the Packers just outside of the restaurant, with free food for all.

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If the big bar and restaurant hoopla isn't your style, hit up the parking lots and streets surrounding the stadium for fan decor and cheeseheads galore.

Some fan-fair you can expect to indulge in at Lambeau are cold beers (yes, even in the negative degree weather), cheese curds, and summer sausage.

Which way you'll be served these items is dealers choice, but if you're in Green Bay, there's no way you'll leave disappointed. Oh, and you'll want to make the Sriracha Bloody Mary in the video below. Trust.

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