New Study Reveals Fast Food Packaging May Be Harmful to Health

As if biting into a greasy double patty bacon burger oozing with processed cheese from a fast-food chain wasn't already bad enough for you, a new study has revealed that the packaging may be equally harmful. The wrappers and paper containers that keep your food from falling out into a greasy bag contain synthetic chemicals that aren't exactly healthy.

According to the Environmental & Technology Letters, the grease repellent used contains fluorinated compounds called Per- and polyflouroalkyl substances - aka PFASs. These substances are used to combat the grease from your hot food.

Now, you're probably thinking, I don't eat the packaging so how much harm can it do? Well, whether or not you realize it, these chemicals can and do leech into your food. Kind of like BPA leeching into your water. You don't have to directly consume the water bottle to ingest the chemicals.

So why should you be worried about PFASs? Ingesting these chemicals has been linked to hormone interferences, increased cholesterol, developmental effects on a fetus, and increased risk of cancer.

Data collected revealed the worst type of packaging was found in bread and dessert wrappers, while paper cups were found to be the least harmful.

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Suddenly, fast-food burgers and fries don't sound all too appealing. If a grease repellent is required to offset a soggy wrapper from the food you are about to consume, maybe that should be the first indicator you shouldn't eat it at all.

Unless of course you can order your food without a chemically treated wrapper, but something tells me they don't have a stash of fine dining ware sets laying around for drive-thru orders.

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