Kolaches Pub: How Batch Is Combining Local Ingredients + Old Traditions in Austin

In Central Texas, you can find kolaches, they're in almost every donut shop in town. However, you aren't always going to find kolaches that are locally sourced, patiently crafted pastries. Thankfully, come May 1st, brothers Josh and Noah Lit will begin providing Austin with a gourmet version of this classic Czech pastry. "I would say these are elevated kolaches. They're not what you're going to find at a donut shop," says Josh Lit. Indeed, he is not exaggerating.

After living life on the road as touring musicians, Josh and Noah had eaten their way through thousands of these pocket-sized pastries. "My brother and I used to play in a rock band here in Austin and we would tour around Texas a lot and we kind of lived off of kolaches on the road for awhile," Josh shares.

Life Off the Road Means Gourmet Kolaches

With several years of kolaches sampling under their belts, the brothers were confident that they would be able to not only distinguish high-end kolaches on sight, but that they also knew the secret component to crafting irresistible ones.

It turns out that the secret behind gourmet kolaches is quality ingredients: "We're using all local ingredients like free-range eggs, all organic - as much as we can - organic stuff."

Not only do they source as many ingredients as possible locally, but Josh says that they also aimed to hire local talent who knew how to use these native ingredients.

Today, Batch's savory kolaches are the result of a serendipitous pairing between the pastries of Jasmine Jones (owner of I Knead That bakery) and the meticulously smoked meats of Micklethwait Craft Meats.

The sweet options that are available are no less painstakingly prepared. In fact, they are at the center of Batch's sustainability efforts. Josh explains that when crafting the kolaches, "We'll be sourcing local fruit and be using that for fruit ones." and that, "We're going to be rotating in seasonal fruit."

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At Batch, there is even better news. Not only will their kolaches be hyper local, but the brews they will be serving up alongside these Central Texas breakfast treats will be too.

"We're going to have over 400 bottles and cans for selection," reveals Josh who also says that they will be sure to include all the standard favorites like Hops & Grain, Austin Beerworks.

Austin Still Waiting for the Grand Opening

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Unfortunately, Batch has yet open, but the anticipation of enjoying a kolaches pub experience on the Eastside has already amassed admirers on social media. Excited followers eagerly await weekly announcements for where the next pop-up pub will be.

Soon though, from 7am to 11pm, Texans will be able to get their fill of warm, Czech-inspired Texas pastries. So stay tuned.

To find Batch's next pop up pub, visit their Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter @batchatx. Their future address will be at 3220 Manor Road, and we cannot wait until they open on August 11!

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