Gordon Ramsay Reveals the Secret to Skipping the Franklin BBQ Line

On a recent episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, Chef Gordon Ramsay reveals the secret to skipping the line at the famous Franklin BBQ in Austin, Texas. And no, it doesn't involve bribes. Instead, it involves respect.

When the topic of Austin's most internationally famous barbecue joint comes up, Jimmy Kimmel immediately starts to talk about the line to Franklin's as it circles around the building, the neighborhood block, and beyond. When he point blank asks Ramsay if he waited in line, Ramsay shyly smirks and, looking very guilty indeed, says, "You always get me into trouble on here!"

So it turns out that chefs "look out for each other" and the way to cut the line at Franklin BBQ is to be another renowned chef out there that respects the process and the meat as much as Aaron Franklin does. We really can't argue with that.

And, truth be told, Ramsay didn't even really cut the line, he slipped around the back door and gave a knock. That seems quite reasonable to us - why make a public scene?

Kimmel goes on to ask Ramsay about his experience with barbecue abroad and the consensus is that no one in the world has barbecue like we do here in the good ol' Lone Star State. The secret? The 24-hour brine, smoke, rub in the good ol' constant Texas sunshine. Ramsay thinks that the U.K. might contend if only it wasn't raining so often.

However, he did have to get his first to-go bag ever and with a plate that big, we believe it. Ramsay ended up giving his to-go bag to his local driver who, similar to most Austinites, could never quite get the time off to go and wait in the line at the famous BBQ joint.

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