Google Updates You in Real Time If Your Happy Hour Haunts Are Crowded

It's five o'clock somewhere, the day has ended, and Happy Hour has begun. Thank God. But do you know if there is going to be room for you and your friends when you show up to indulge in half-price apps and your favorite beer specials? Short of calling in and making reservations, can you ever really know?

The answer is yes. Google can.

Google is your go-to when no one can make a decision on where to go out. It sifts through thousands of results and somehow magically ranks the perfect place right at the top. Google can also tell you prices, the business' hours, and provide you with slightly-too-honest reviews of the establishment in question.

Now, however, it can also tell you in real time exactly how crowded happy hour is at your favorite restaurant.

According to ZDNet, Google released an update in mid-November that offers a live preview of how crowded a place is. How handy is that during the holiday season?

There is something else great about this new update. It allows you to use location summaries to see how long patrons typically stay at any one location.

That way, if you know that customers generally linger at a bar for half an hour and the place is full up, you can check back every half hour to see if the place has cleared up enough for you to arrive.

Or you can use the time wisely. Why not run an errand while you wait for the crowed to peter out so that you can snag yourself a seat?

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