Goat: The New 'Other' Meat You Should Try Next

Have you ever thought about using goat in your kitchen for anything other than goat cheese or goat milk? If you're like most of us, the answer is something like, "Um, no." Chefs all across America, however, are beginning to change that attitude of uncertainty, especially when it comes to red meat.

Although springtime is usually a season of fresh produce and mountains of greenery on your plate, it also turns out that it is a season for kids - goat kids, that is. A baby goat is known as a 'kid' if you were unsure. While dairy farms utilize goats without goat meat production, the meat market for goat is growing across the world, from Latin American and Italian cuisines.

This versatile ingredient transcends cultures and cuisines, and is making its appearance across the country in everything from ragouts to south Asian curries. So it's time that you, too, get on board and try it out for yourself. 

In Italy, goat meat is incredibly common, especially in the southern regions. For centuries through meat production, this animal has been added to lasagnas, ragouts, and bolognese sauces, and no one has seemed to complain. Goat is also popular in the Caribbean, and many Caribbean cultures boast goat neck and meat goats as a signature dish.

India also has a long history of serving the animal. With Hindus unable to eat cow and Muslims not eating pork, ground goat meat is a good compromise to help preserve the unity of Indian cuisine while respecting the dietary restrictions of the sub continent's two main religions.

America, too, is getting on the bandwagon. But really, as America is a cultural melting pot, it should come as no surprise that goat would begin to show up at our feasts. Now, all across the United States from New York City to Vermont to Texas, chefs are blending this gamey meat into Vietnamese-inspired dishes and serving it up raw as carpaccio everywhere from upscale restaurants to ethnic markets.

For the goat, America is a land of opportunity.

So do you know how you're going to try this newcomer to the carnivore scene? Here are three goat dishes to get you started.

1. Jamaican Goat Curry

Serious Eats

A pinch of spice and a whole lot of texture go into this ultra-satisfying curry. Cook this up when you need a pick-me-up because curry goat is one of life's greatest little secrets.

Additionally, a Masssaman curry is a fan favorite. Start with this recipe to get your feet wet.

2. Pappardelle + Braised Goat Ragoût

Gourmet Traveller

A rich ragout with a healthy dose of pasta. What's not to love?

Get the recipe here.

3. Moroccan Goat Tagine

The Domestic Man

This curry is traditionally always made with goat or lamb. Make sure to pile on some caramelized onions and tomatoes to really amplify the flavors with a fresh dynamic.

Get the recipe here.

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