Glenfiddich Whisky Sells for $85,000 in New Scottish Auction Record

A bottle from The Glenfiddich Collection 1937 is officially the most expensive bottle of malt sold at a Scottish auction for £68,500, or $85,000. 

While the bottle was estimated at only £25,000 to £35,000, the final price was nearly double that and was a major shock to the world, as Britain's Daily Record reported. However, those in the whisky community were not surprised at the looming price as the whisky was set in cask 843 in 1937 at The Glenfiddich Distillery, which was the same year King George VI was coronated. Only sixty rare bottles have been produced from cask 843 in particular. 


The Scotch Whisky kept its strength during the casking process, and was bottled in 2001 - about 64 years later. As the Daily Record reports, "It is the oldest and rarest bottling every undertaken at the distillery." Martin Green, a Bonhams Whisky specialist, stated: "It's not possible that this whisky has been bought to drink, rather than keep as a collectors item."

For an American history perspective, in 1937, Franklin D. Roosevelt was sworn in for his second term as President (two more would follow), John Steinbeck's famous Of Mice and Men was published, the Golden Gate Bridge opened, Amelia Earhart attempted her flight around the world, and the Hindenburg blimp exploded. That was all an awful long time ago. And this whisky was quietly waiting in its cask for bottling.

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