girl scout cookies delivery

Girl Scout Cookies Are Now Available with Delivery


Businesses across the United States are adapting and implementing new sales strategies and techniques due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Restaurants are offering delivery and take-out, bakeries are selling their sourdough starters, and starting this week, Girl Scout cookies are now available for delivery. Known as Girl Scouts Cookie Care, the new Girl Scouts of the USA cookie program offers customers a chance to buy their favorite cookies without leaving their house due to covid-19.

What is Girl Scouts Cookie Care?

Created this Girl Scout cookie season, Girl Scouts Cookie Care is a program that not only lets customers purchase all the thin mints they can eat, it also lets customers purchase cookies for first responders and those on the front lines of the health crisis.

"For 108 years, Girl Scouts has been there in times of crisis and turmoil," said Girl Scouts CEO Sylvia Acevedo in a press release. "And today we are stepping forward with new initiatives to help girls, their families, and consumers connect, explore, find comfort and take action."


The cookies are available for $4-$5 a box. Girl Scout cookie fans can simply input their zip code on the Girl Scout Cookie program website and a list of local troops will pop up. Click one, then chose between your favorite cookies including Lemon-ups, caramel chocolate chips, trefoils, do-si-dos, caramel deLites, tagalongs, thin mints, Girl Scout S'mores, and toffee-tastic. Customers also have the option to purchase a cookie gift box which includes 5 boxes of delicious cookies. Cookies are delivered within 2-15 business days, depending on covid-19 restrictions. The standard shipping rate is $12 for 1-12 boxes of cookies.

Customers may also donate a box of cookies to first responders by choosing their favorite cookies and clicking the "donate cookies" button. It's a small way to make a nurse or doctor's day during this trying time.