10 Thoughtful Gifts to Give the Wine Lover in Your Life

If you've got a wine lover in your life, then you're in luck this holiday season. While some people may be picky to shop for, for wine lovers there are endless gifts for you to choose from. The only issue is with so many wine centered items, how will you choose which gifts for wine lovers will you pick?

To make your holiday shopping a breeze we rounded up the best wine gifts on the market right now. For the amateur right on down to the serious sommelier, you are guaranteed to find the perfect gift for the wine lover in your life. Happy holiday shopping!

10 Gifts for Wine Lovers

1. Aervana Wine Aerator

gifts for wine lovers

Any wine connoisseur can appreciate a perfectly aerated pour and we've got just the gift, the Aervana wine aerator. Turning a bottle into a tap, your friend or family member can aerate by the single glass or the whole bottle with the simple push of a button. Not only will they be thrilled to be gifted the Aervana, but something tells me you may have an aerated glass of wine in your future.

2. Vinebox Subscription


Sure, you could buy the wine aficionado in your life a subscription to a wine club, but why send them a full bottle of something mysterious when they might not like it at all?

This is where Vinebox comes in. It's not just about getting wine in the mail, it's all about tasting. Through Vinebox, you can deliver a customized wine flight right to the giftee's doorstep. Vinebox will first send an e-mail to the recipient so they can personalize the box to their own liking. Then they'll receive nine wines of their own choosing. So if they love red wine or only like white, they won't be disappointed.

3. Zalto Denk'Art Universal Glass


Of course, every wine lover is going to need a wine glass. But not just any wine glass will do. They need one that will release the aroma and let them detect even the most delicate of flavors. They need the sommelier approved Zalto Denk'Art Universal Glass.

This stemware is considered to be top of the line when it comes to a universal wine glass. It is elegant- an exceptionally thin design was influenced by the tilt of the earth, turning it into a work of art. Although it's on the pricey side, it delivers the ultimate tasting experience any serious wine drinker will be crazy about unraveling this holiday season.

4. Sagaform Wine Carafe


The wino in your life will love entertaining with this stunning carafe. The sleek design of the mouthblown glass with the wood stopper serves not only as a beautiful centerpiece, but it's also functional letting the wine breathe. Made for the wine lover who loves entertaining, give this budget-friendly gift and you're sure to find yourself at a wine night or two.

5. Personalized Wine Tasting Flight

gifts for wine lovers

Speaking of entertaining, another fun option your friend is sure to love is this cool wine flight board. The bamboo and slate board comes with four tasting carafes and chalk to keep track of each glass. Your friend will love hosting the party while keeping track of all the fun new wines ya'll sample. Yep, this is that final touch they've been searching for.

6. Asvert Champagne Stainless Steel Vacuum Stoppers


The Asvert wine stoppers make for excellent stocking stuffers. Made out of stainless steel, these quality stoppers provide an air-tight seal for any unfinished bottle, preserving what's inside. Available in a set of four, these stoppers are universal so no matter if it's a bottle of red, white, or sparkling wine, they'll be able to sip and savor it later.

7. Drunk Jelly Wine Jelly

Drunk Jelly

This isn't just jelly, it's Drunk Jelly. Their jelly is made with real wine and is an excellent gift for the wine enthusiast who likes a little picnic spread to go with their glass of red. Each gift set comes with a set of 4-ounce jars with all 7 flavors they offer - rosé, Moscato, pinot grigio, chardonnay, merlot, pinot noir, and cabernet sauvignon. So whether they prefer reds, love whites, or can't simply decide, they can spend the rest of the holiday sampling until their heart's content.

8. YETI Wine Tumbler

gifts for wine lovers

Know someone who loves wine and just so happens to be an outdoor adventure junkie? The YETI Wine tumbler is your answer to the holiday gift exchange. This stainless steel insulated wine tumbler lets them sip leisurely around a campfire, while also not worrying about broken glass when roughing it in the outdoors.

9. Wine-O-Saur Wine Bottle Holder

Uncommon Goods

For those who like to add a little fun flair to their life, the Wine-O-Saur Wine Bottle Holder is a great gift option. Right out of the heart of Austin, TX, this handmade maple wood dinosaur wine holder showcases an elegant (or cheap we're not judging) bottle of wine. Whether it makes an artistic centerpiece or a lively talking point, this is sure to crack a smile come the holidays.

10. Napa Valley Wine Train Experience

Wine Train

If you're looking to really go above and beyond this holiday season, then gift a ticket onboard the Napa Valley Wine train. Winding through the heart of wine country, the wine lover in your life will be able to experience the best of the best on this 30-mile journey. While onboard the historic railroad car, they'll enjoy stunning views of Napa's countryside while dining on gourmet food and of course, enjoying some fine wine.

Visit Napa Valley Wine Train to find out more on tour offerings and prices.

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