Gift Guide to a Happy December: 5 Boozy Advent Calendars

Remember the childhood excitement of eagerly punching out the days in an Advent calendar? It was so tempting not to time travel and gorge out on chalky, stale chocolate. Well, now you can relive that excitement the way every adult is meant to. Enter the boozy Advent calendar.

Beer, wine, or liquor, you can enjoy the 24-day countdown one drink at a time. Given all the bad traffic, shopping madness, and all around holiday stress, this is one gift you will want to keep for yourself. Leave the chocolate for the kids. These Advent calendars are the way December was meant to be enjoyed.

1. The Bourbon Advent Calendar

Keep warm all December long with The Bourbon Advent Calendar. Compliments of Drinks by Dram, you'll stay happy through all the holiday tunes that seem to be playing on repeat.

Not into bourbon? They make a calendar in all the popular liquors, as well as some specialty ones. And if they are anything like the bourbon one, you will not be disappointed.

2. Heritage Distilling Co.

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Have any vodka lovers in the family? Blood orange, coffee, even huckleberry are some of the featured flavors in the Spirits Advent Calendar.

And just to keep the calendar beholders guessing, a few days of bourbon are thrown in there. Your vodka lover will be stress free with these 24 days of 50ml bottles.

3. The Ginvent Calendar

Another popular one from Drinks by Dram, the cleverly named Ginvent Calendar is a gin lover's dream. New brands, favorite brands, and rarities are all included in the bundle.

Rather than perusing the liquor aisle for a fancy bottle, leave the guessing to connoisseur.

4. Costco Brewer's Advent Calendar

FB/Original Kalea
FB/Original Kalea

When you are out braving the Costco masses to pick up your holiday ham, don't forget your very own brew filled holiday countdown calendar. That's right, Costco is selling a case worth of daily holiday cheer.

Featuring German beers, in the Brewer's Advent Calendar, you will find styles like Dunkels and Hefeweizens waiting behind closed doors.

5. 12 Nights of Wine

Feel like celebrating 12 Days of Christmas? Then you need the "12 Days of Wine" by Vinebox. The holiday version of a wine club, these hand selected bold red and whites are an introduction to a refined pallet.

After all the family-filled holiday activities, take a moment to yourself and embrace your inner sommelier. This is one gift that you'll want on your own Christmas wish list.

Looks like it's going to be a very merry Christmas indeed.

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